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We're Live

Our new website is finally live. There have been many individuals labouring behind the scenes to get it to this point. Originally it was to be up for September 1st, then it was pushed to October 1st, and now on October 7th it is finally being launched. We have taken our time to do it right and are still tweaking fine details. We thank you for your patience, and please let us know what you think. We have endeavoured to make the site even more user friendly overall, and added blogs, tweets, Facebook, and a new 20-part podcast series, “The Path of the Quantum Warrior.” All this in conjunction with the release of my new book Quantum Warrior – The Future of the Mind. All our books will soon be available as e-books. Those of you who have wanted Mind Power into the 21st Century as an e-book, and many of you have, it will be available in that format on October 16th. The Amazon Kindle version will be available by November 1st. I will keep you posted.

Not only are we launching a new website at but we are now sharing a new vision of what it means to be human being in the world today. I have spent the last thirty-five years devoting myself to understanding the mysteries and powers of consciousness, and teaching the methods by which we can use consciousness to build successful and meaningful lives. I have been a tireless and consistent champion of the human potential, and millions of you have followed my discoveries through my books, CDs and seminars.

Now I begin a new phase of my teaching, revealing a new advanced methodology. It has been seven years putting it together, having had its inception during my sabbatical of 2002-2005. It is the focus of my new book, as well as the podcasts, and will be the main emphasis of this website for the next few months. This new methodology fits in perfectly with mind power and allows the mind power student to progress to a far deeper level of working with consciousness and energy. I have been teaching this for several years in my live seminars and now I am revealing it to my website followers. You will learn much more of this methodology in the podcasts and blogs.

I am excited to share it with you. I have a strong commitment to my students, readers and seminar participants around the world. I am committed to teaching individuals about the powers they possess within, and to changing the world by changing how people understand and use consciousness.

We are at a time in the evolution of our planet and our species where each of us is called to act in powerful and revolutionary ways that will not only uplift ourselves but change the world in the process. My part, at this point of time, will be to supply you with the most up to date information and support through this website, my books and seminars. This is my commitment to you, and together we will do great things.   

John Kehoe