k" Personal Message by John Kehoe - Mind Powers

A Personal Message by John Kehoe

Hello, and welcome. Before I speak of Mind Powers I'd like to introduce myself, for who I am and what I teach cannot be separated. This way you can judge for yourself whether or not this is something you wish to pursue. You'll also get a sense of the person behind the book, or in this case the person behind the screen.

I live in Vancouver, Canada, happily married, in vibrant health and leading a fun, exciting, and socially responsible life. I believe in fun, success, personal happiness and in making a difference in our world, discovering and living up to our true potential. Each of us contains the seeds of greatness. And I don't mean this metaphorically. I mean it literally. Within each human being is encoded genetically, on a cellular level, the keys to everything we've ever wanted or desired. I believe this because I've experienced it. I have written a number of books and for over thirty years now I have traveled the world teaching millions of people this great truth. We have incredible power within us to use any way we choose.

This website is an extension of my work and is close to my heart. Whether you choose to purchase any of my books, e-books, CDs and MP3s, or simply visit with me here on this website is entirely up to you, although I do strongly urge you as a very minimum to read Mind Power into the 21st Century. This book in part has been designed to teach you Mind Power techniques. Indeed, whatever transpires hereafter by way of your increased power is entirely up to you. For Mind Power is a practice not a philosophy. I will always try to teach you the most I can about your personal powers, but what you gain of those powers will depend on your own individual efforts. If, through your efforts, we become kindred spirits and friends, so much the better.

If you're interested in learning more about the powers of the mind visit the About Mind Power section of this website. Explore this website and begin implementing this system in your life. You will be greatly rewarded for your effort.

If we know and understand that we are a part of an open and dynamic universe, and that our minds play a decisive role in constructing reality, then we can choose to live far more creatively and powerfully.

John Kehoe