Mind Power Into the 21st Century

I don’t even know how to begin to thank you. I received your book Mind Power last week and have read it thoroughly and am about to begin to read it a second time. It is the BEST book I have read in my entire life and I have read many. It has completely changed my outlook on life…. this book has taught me so much more, and has confirmed the things I already began to believe….

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your lessons and inspiration. I am practicing your lessons every day, as you have stated to do, and I am already seeing changes in myself, and others around me. I hope that I can help other people as well.

Jo Anne Delichte

I was only 16 years old when I came across a copy of Mind Power. I think a combination of boredom and curiosity caused me to read the first paragraph, and my life has been changed ever since. After applying the science of Mind Power to my life, I have discovered a whole new world of opportunities, from changing my occupation to acquiring my first car, all made possible by the lessons taught in Mind Power. All I can say is thank you, and may everyone live their dreams, just like I do!

Antoinette Theron

This is just a little letter to say thank you very much for the power that I have learned to use through your book Mind Power! In 28 years I had not done what I have done in the year since I read and studied your book. I have yet to master everything but am positive that by trying my best, it will only get better. Also to tell you that a friend of mine wanted to commit suicide in December; I lent him my copy of Mind Power and am glad to say that he is now very positive, still very shaky, but happily in the land of the living. So you have saved a life – thank you very much.

H. Stehring

I believe that your Mind Power, which was recommended to me while going through a rather nasty patch with my business, saved my sanity, let alone my life. It gave me a whole new outlook on life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Trevor Langley

This is one of my favorite sites. I visit it again and again. I’ve read Mind Power more than a dozen times, and always come away with something new and challenging...

… Thanks for writing Mind Power. You could have kept it to yourself, but you shared it with us, and we’re all the richer for it.

Patrick Bryant

I have been reading your books on Mind Power…these books are an answer to prayer. I look forward to reading more of your books and, as I begin my journey in changing my life, I do want to thank you for these books.


I am a first time reader of Mind Power into the 21st Century… and WOW. I am 41 years old and now realize the power of our mind. I think back to events that happened in my life and wish I had read the information back then. But the best is yet to come thanks to your book. As they say,  “When the student is ready to learn the teacher will arrive.” I have always believed that our mind holds incredible power, but until I read your book I didn’t know how to put it into practice. Thanks so much, and I am now a regular visitor to your site.

David Amey-Wallis

…I have been reading your book Mind Power into the 21st Century. There is nothing else like your work out in the teaching industry. You give practical teaching drills to practice that no other book I have read ever does.

I am a licensed representative with [a large] financial services firm ... We use your book a lot in our office of 100 people.

I just ordered Mind Power for Children for my wife and children. This is another fantastic book with practical methodologies to practice. Thank you for your great work. The word of God says in Proverbs, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This means, in the Hebrew language, as a person has affirmations in their mind, that’s what he becomes. Amazing. Thank you John

Douglas Lock

I read Mind Power years ago and then into the Mind Power Into the 21st Century. They have been a very helpful quide in my life and also turned around the life of my teenage nephew who spent a few years in jail and is now married and extremely positive and successful in his life.

I am personally just reviewing my life and goals.  I have returned to using The Three Winning Strategies from your Money Success & You book.

Just a quick note, and thank you for your writings and many quotes from a diverse number of writers and personalities.


Leonard MacMillan

… I can’t thank you enough for writing this book, Mind Power, and changing my life. I have given at least 20 copies of this book to friends and family who have had wonderful things happen in their life as a result. I am actually in my tenth or so re-read. I have gotten jobs, gotten myself out of financial distress, stopped driving a car that continually broke down, and against everyone’s wishes bought the car of my dreams!… I could write a book about the things that have happened to me, my family, and friends as result of reading the Mind Power book. I can’t thank you enough for writing the book that has changed so many lives for the better in so many ways.

Maria Sanfilippo

I am 19 years old. I am from Ukraine and study in University. I am writing this letter to thank Mr. Kehoe for his great work. I have already twice read his book Mind Power Into The 21st Century (Russian translation). This book helped me to find answers for questions that tormented me all my conscious life. And my life changed. Not my life, maybe my attitude to life.


I’m writing to express my thanks for John’s book Mind Power into the 21st Century. I think I would not be understating things to say that Mind Power is without a doubt the most powerful book I have EVER read. (And I have read thousands of books). It has changed my life and outlook on life immeasurably in only the 6 short months that have passed since I first read it. (Of course I have re-read it countless times.) It is my BIBLE; I constantly refer to it, and have utilized and practiced the vast majority of the techniques and exercises within it to astounding success.

... what a profound difference this book has made to my life, and how grateful I am to [John] for sharing with me and the world the secrets of Mind Power and the power of thought.

Thanks to John, I have expanded my imagination, my reality, my beliefs, and my concept of what is possible. I will never look at life the same way again. I have forever changed how I view the world, I just wanted to say thank you to John and let him know how much of a difference his book has made.

Darrin Waller

The Complete Mind Power Home Study Program

When I took your Mind Power Class about 20 years ago in Phoenix I had no idea how much of an impact you would make in my belief system, and ultimately in my life experience. … It was your Mind Power program in Phoenix many years ago that helped me turn my life around and get off the drugs.

I ordered ALL your books, …and just finished devouring Mind Power and The Practice of Happiness. You made me laugh, you let me cry.... All I had before that was my notes from your course, so many years ago.....

Well done, as usual! I kept coming across my own core beliefs in your material, and ultimately realized the reason why. I got them from you in the first place. Beliefs that I have passed on to whomever would listen, throughout the years. Things that work—at least they have worked for me and that’s the proof of the pudding.

Your techniques are easy to understand and simple to use, making them even more powerful. I pride myself in having had many great teachers in my life, and guess what, you are right at the top.... Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for having the courage to do your first seminar and face your second one—even in the face of disaster. That’s courage....

Thanks for keeping on. You have earned my respect and admiration.

Tom Thomas

I live on 10acres of paradise by a northland beach in New Zealand. I took John’s 4-week course in Auckland 5 or 6 years ago. What a change to my life. I have achieved all I set out to achieve at that time. Wow! For the past 12 weeks I have been contemplating what to do next. I have found lots of wonderful things to do here but know that ultimately I want to contribute more and feel I am doing something worthwhile. I am still looking at my options. I have done study with different companies, but always come back to the Mind Power way. I feel it is more in tune with the universe. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and practices with all of us.

Jan Anderson

I just wanted to let John know how incredibly he has transformed my life, and that I am very grateful he decided to share his insights with others.
In fact, I feel I have been searching all my life for what I found after participating in the Home Study Program. I cried with excitement, relief and revelation to finally understand everything that has happened to me and to know that great things are in store.
My whole life I was incredibly depressed, anxious, and tried to fix myself with anything including a horrible drug addiction several years ago. I searched relentlessly but with little progress for something to give me guidance. I would have given up, but I felt so miserable I had to keep looking since it gave me a glint of hope.

I found my answers in the incredible insight you shared in the Home Study Program. I know now why I always had that hope and drive, my subconscious was guiding me to this point. Thankfully I am very disciplined, and was able to do the exercises and be teachable. I know now that all is well I am going on to accomplish GREAT things. I could never put in to words what that means to know that. It truly means everything to me. Thank you!

M. Martin

Just a quick note to thank John for his teachings. I was on his introductory course in Auckland in the seventies. I made a bold decision a short time after the program, which has turned out just fine… I have never let the basics of John’s theory leave me over the years. I now look after wealthy peoples’ money, selectively investing on their behalf. Life is good. Thank You.

Mike Parkes

The Practice of Happiness

I have just finished reading The Practice of Happiness. It is magnificent. I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter and felt positively inspired, moved and challenged right the way through.

It seems to me that you have managed to distill from your talents some of the finest quality writing, and from life's treasure trove some of the most touching experiences, to create a stunningly beautiful gem.

Your writing seems to just get better and better and in this book you write with inspiring poetry and soul stirring grace.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are on the good red road, following that path which leaves you, nature and the rest of humanity the better for your having been there!

I would like to both congratulate and thank you for creating this beautiful work of art, which will surely help keep all those lives it touches in touch with their LIFE as it has mine.

I love the format, layout and inclusion of lovely pictures too, so congratulations to you and whoever else was involved with this part of the creation!

Kevern Sandalls

I have just finished reading the Practice of Happiness and I find it was  exceptionally well written and a powerfully and emotionally moving experience.

The well-chosen photos and reinforcing quotations were very inspirational. The book kept me in suspense as I awaited the single sentence to the secret of happiness that he alluded to as a teaser in the beginning of the book.

John is very talented and gifted writer. I will share this great book with many of my close friends.

It was a wonderful and uplifting experience to read such a great book. I especially enjoyed how John used his own life experiences and adventures around the world to reinforce and give real world examples of the profound truths and wisdom of the practice of happiness through his many experiences.

We often hear a lot of theory and platitudes on happiness, but John makes it real and it all makes sense.   I almost starting reading A Vision Power and Glory first, because his writing in it is so captivatingly poetic and beautiful as he explains the spiritual experience.

I almost could not put it down to finish it later. I may read it next or Money Success and You…. which I know is more practical and applicable to me now.

Thank you again John for sharing your wisdom through these wonderful and beautifully written books.

Paul Hughes

I have read your book, on happiness, and would like to say a sincere thank you for once again making me realize what can be done if one wants to.

J. Bruwer

…[In] December you came to the Johannesburg Female Prison in South Africa and I want to thank you for so many things that you did that day, that moment!  Thank you for handing out your Practice of Happiness book. Thank you for putting it all down on paper. Thank you for the jokes, but most of all, thank you for taking the time to visit the prison.

I’ve read/practiced your Mind Power and am a great fan. We never got a chance to talk (thank you for your autograph), but I’d like to let you how you sparked life into the prison. Your words have not only made a difference in the prisoners’ attitudes, but their families too. Your book was spoken about, quoted, been passed on to family members, circulated around the prison.  Even though some prisoners didn’t get “it” now, I am of the belief that at some point in their lives, they will refer to your book and PRACTICE!

Now I’m out of prison and WHO KNOWS!


I have just finished reading The Practice of Happiness and I want to thank you so much for that wonderful little book of hope and encouragement.  I happened to pick it up over the holidays, a time this year that I found myself spending a lot of time alone trying to get over the flu symptoms which stopped me from doing the usual amount of socializing and “spending” that usually accompanies the season. I had decided that I was actually grateful for being sick, if that makes sense, because it forced me into isolation and “quiet alone time” that was much needed.  I was extremely grateful for all the wonderful insights in your book as it came at just the right time, as so many things often do if only we stay open to the possibilities.  I was so inspired that I went out and bought five more copies of your book to give to friends as an unexpected little gift “just because.”

Linda Shaw

Money Success and You

We are from Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia — Bishkek. We have read your third book… Money, Success & You. Your books help us to live and motivate us to be successful. Our minds are changed for the better after reading your books… Our dream is to attend one of your lectures.

Nazgul and Svetlana

I am truly impressed with your material after I purchased … 4 of your books….I consider this financial investment to be worth a million times more than quantum of money. These studies are very inspirational and I am taking it a day at a time.

Gordon Franks

I have read your book Money Success & You over and over again and contribute this book to a huge part of our business success.

This book has literally been worth millions to me, there is one part whenever I re-read your book I just want to write to you and share with you, it’s a concept John Burley (a property investor in the US) put across to us at a seminar.   In your book you write about 3 winning strategies for getting things done.

  • Whatever can been done immediately do it.
  • What else can be done today do it.
  • One by one you can accomplish what’s on your list.

John Burley’s whole concept is: make the list then go through the list and find out what will give you the best financial reward then do it.

As your book is called Money, Success and You. If say you have 100 things to do on your list, and you do say 90 of them the net result maybe that you make say $1,000.00. Versus one thing on the list that might take the same time as doing 90 and you make say $100,000.00. If it’s about making money, this concept John shared with us is awesome. I have taken it to heart and made millions out of it

Dave Smithson

Help Yourself to Success

When I need a little boost, I usually devour the nearest self-help book, and the "boost" lingers for only a moment or so after I close the cover. Then I revert to my regular throw-in-the-towel self. Recently I came across a self-help book with impressive staying power, John Kehoe's Money, Success & You: Harness Your Mind to Achieve Prosperity (Zoetic Inc.). The 1998 publication date might put you off, especially if you know the book was written eight years prior to that, but this work is not out-moded. The text contains bits of wisdom from past decades that need to be revisited/recycled at intervals anyway, and Kehoe has a website to keep you up to date ( He quotes expected sources like Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie, and such diverse minds as Andy Warhol, Robert Frost and Henry Miller. He stresses pro-activity in a series of chapters with motivating titles like "Waking up in the age of information," "Learn to love the word no" and "Taking a good punch." My personal favourite is a chapter called "Don't panic," in which Kehoe has designed an arithmetical chart to help you determine just where you stand on the cosmic hourglass. I've never seen anything quite like this simple formula, which provides an instant fix when you want to alter your perspective. A lot of people don't like to admit they rely on self-help or prosperity-oriented writing. My feeling is, squeeze all the good you can out of it. Try Money, Success & You for its sheer practical value. Discover what to do when someone double-crosses you, in a chapter called "What do do when someone double-crosses you." And, along with the author, I encourage you to unabashedly set lofty, seemingly unattainable goals. Your success depends on them.

Geist 69 Vol. 17 Summer 2008

Jill Mandrake

Health and Healing

I have just read your book Mind Power into the 21st Century. In one word ‘‘Awesome.” I am a recovering alcoholic that has a zest for life again. I have used a lot of these techniques, without realizing the full potential. Five years ago I was a helpless drunk, who thought the world was against me. My friends wrote me off [and] they were making bets when I was going to die. I am going to spare you a long story but I went back to school 2 years ago and finished my Masters in electrical with a 4.0 GPA. Work for a large corporation as a productive person who is on his way to being a millionaire, not there yet but it won’t be long. When I read books like yours it confirms, “I can do anything I put my mind to.”


Thank you for your words of wisdom. Your books have inspired me and in turn this has helped in the healing of countless people.

Dr. H.V. Thomas

Setting Up A Mind Power Program

… my life three months ago was to say the least tragic. Living on the streets addicted to drugs and penniless. My best friend died. At this point I became willing to do whatever it took to get my life back I tried 12-step programs i.e., AA/NA to no avail. The principles were written in the ’60s and seemed outdated. I came across your book and applied the principles in a 12-step program, i.e., step 1 come to believe that the mind can and does directly affect physical reality.… In the last three months I have not only beat the addiction but I have started my own business, which I’m told by my suppliers is the busiest in the city… I am booking my clients into late next month; I have a beautiful home and am very financially stable. I still miss my best friend but I am sure he would be proud. John, thanks for being you and showing me the way to get my life back honestly you saved my life….

J. Maurice