Connecting to the Energy Web

The entire universe and everything contained within it exists in a vast sea of energy. We call this sea of energy ‘the energy web’ and in it we live and move and have our being. This is a scientific fact and something we should always remember for it is the foundation of our reality and when we know this, we can do all things. […]

Practice Makes Permanent

During one of our many processes, one of my students came up with a brilliant quotation and I felt I had to pass it on to you. “Practice makes permanent.” When she shared it I loved it immediately. Usually we say “practice makes perfect” but that’s not exactly right. Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes us better at what we are practicing. The expression “practice makes permanent” is more accurate and has two important connotations, which are both valuable to us. […]

The Partnership of the Conscious & Subconscious Minds

Like with any good marriage or partnership there needs to be clear and regular communication between partners so each knows what is expected of them. This way when there are problems, any issues can be worked out before they become serious and cause major problems. Also in marriages each partner takes on certain roles and responsibilities. They may change as the marriage matures but each person takes responsibility for some aspect of their partnership. […]

The Law of Constant Change

 Life is in constant motion and is forever changing and becoming something new. It is quite breathtaking the way it all happens, often in the most mysterious and unexpected ways. I call this process ‘The Law of Constant Change’ and it is an important law to understand. As we navigate our life journey, achieving goals and striving to make a meaningful and happy life for ourselves, let us never forget this important dynamic of change and flow with it when it occurs. […]

Each Day Needs Our Attention

Each day needs our attention, love and awareness to fully reveal itself. Each day needs to be noticed and appreciated for what it is, not what we think it could or should be. Each day is a part of our unique journey and for this reason must be acknowledged. Don’t worry about trying to make a successful career, exciting relationship or meaningful life; these objectives look after themselves when we practice looking after each day. […]

Living in the NOW Means Enjoying the Moments

I already know that the best place to live in is the present! Each day… practicing living in the now, feeling it, being present, not being anxious or worried about my past or future but enjoying the now! We all know this but can we practice it? What would our life be like if we practiced living and enjoying the moments of each day, […]

Sprouting Seeds is the Same as Creating New Beliefs

My wife Sylvia has taken to sprouting seeds of her favourite greens—kale, arugula and romaine— which she wants for our garden. She planted about four seeds in each little container in the flat. I’ve been watching her and the love and attention she is giving these tiny seedlings. She waters them daily so the soil stays moist, and keeps them in the sun during the day, bringing them back into the house at night so they will stay warm. […]