The Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is one of the most fascinating aspects of health care. Traditional medicine, while very aware of the effect, does not know quite what to do about it. People on both sides of the issue argue passionately about its use. The advocates see it as a cure all. Its opponents call it a sham and an illusion. What both agree on, however, is that in many cases placebos work, and now new research is indicating that its success is far wider and more encompassing than ever suspected. […]

The Immune System

Anyone who looks seriously into the amazing healing processes of the body discovers a remarkable process – the immune system. Although we have learned more about the immune system in the past twenty years than in the entire history of medical science, we are still in our infancy of understanding the complexity of this system. […]

Happiness & Joy

I believe absolutely that it is our duty and responsibility to cultivate the virtue of happiness and joy, and practice that virtue daily in our lives. Not only do we become empowered with this practice, but it also empowers everyone we come into contact with. And beyond this, the practice of happiness helps to change the vibration of our global consciousness. If it is even remotely possible for you, you should find something to be happy and joyful about today, even at this very moment. […]

Inner Harmony and Social Responsibility

The following is an excerpt from The Practice of Happiness, a book by John Kehoe. Inner harmony comes from recognizing that certain attitudes and feelings make us feel harmonious and others do not. It comes from noticing how we feel when we think in a certain way, from being aware of our own inner states and what has caused these inner states. Doing this is not hard, but it does take attention. First of all, let’s look at what causes disharmony within us. Anger, guilt, fear, worry, self-doubt, disrespect for yourself and others-these undesirable attitudes cause us untold problems and difficulties. We should always be on guard against slipping into these states of consciousness. For not only do these cause us harm, but in a very real way they affect the consciousness of the entire planet. […]