The Mythic Titles of the Minds

We are made up of two minds not just one. One mind, it seems, is not enough for what nature and the universe have planned for us. How these two minds work together is best explained by examining the mythic titles each possesses. In my book ‘Quantum Warrior The Future of the Mind’ I have given each of our four parts mythic titles in order to best describe how they function within us. […]

Your Body Holds Your Destiny

It is a breakthrough in our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world to discover that our body has access to information beyond what the mind can understand. The body feels the world energetically. The body feels and the mind thinks; these are two different ways of obtaining information. When we rely only on the mind and our logic we close ourselves off to a huge source of information. […]

Invoking Synchronicity

Carl Jung, the brilliant and innovative protégé of Freud, coined the word “synchronicity.” Synchronicity, to Jung, referred to the strange and unusual encounters or events that happen to individuals which appear on the surface to have no causal linkage, and yet have such a profound meaning to the individual that the event was unlikely to be the result of mere chance. They happen to all of us, and usually we explain them away as being luck or coincidence, […]