The Partnership of the Conscious & Subconscious Minds

Like with any good marriage or partnership there needs to be clear and regular communication between partners so each knows what is expected of them. This way when there are problems, any issues can be worked out before they become serious and cause major problems. Also in marriages each partner takes on certain roles and responsibilities. They may change as the marriage matures but each person takes responsibility for some aspect of their partnership. […]

How to Imprint Into Our Subconscious

We can imprint into our subconscious with two techniques, acknowledging and affirmations. In some circumstances we also use the contemplation technique, but lets just work with acknowledging and affirmations for now. Here’s an easy belief that everyone can imprint: Good things happen to me. Would you like this to be true? Well… it will be when you believe it. […]

The Subconscious is Our Partner in Success

Our subconscious is the part of us that communicates directly to the energy web of our reality. The subconscious acts as a catalyst, attracting from millions of possibilities, the circumstances that most match the patterns and vibrations, which we are constantly sending out through our thoughts and beliefs. Our subconscious needs very clear messages if we wish it to work for us. Through clarity and repetition we imprint whatever beliefs we want to see manifested, directly into our subconscious. The subconscious will work for us day and night […]

Our Subconscious Works For Us Day & Night

Our subconscious is designed to work for us day and night, in fact it never stops working for us but it can only work with what reside within it. We are required to supply its input. Our subconscious is our engine of success and it is our responsibility to imprint positive and supporting images to it. These will be the images and patterns it will work with. […]

The Mythic Titles of the Minds

We are made up of two minds not just one. One mind, it seems, is not enough for what nature and the universe have planned for us. How these two minds work together is best explained by examining the mythic titles each possesses. In my book ‘Quantum Warrior The Future of the Mind’ I have given each of our four parts mythic titles in order to best describe how they function within us. […]

The Subconscious Contains Our Unused Potentials and Our Blockages

The subconscious contains within it our unused potentials, as well as the personal blockages that keep us stuck in the various problem areas of our life. I sometimes refer to these as our light and dark shadows. The word shadow is a Jungian term and refers to those parts of us that are unconscious. Being unconscious, we do not see them, but we often see their effects in our life, that is we don’t see what causes the shadow, but we see the effect. […]

5 Techniques to Eliminate Negative Thinking

Our mind is like a garden, and we are the master gardeners. Through care and diligence we can create a botanical masterpiece, or through neglect our garden can be a mass of weeds–negatives, insecurities and failures. Understanding this, it becomes our duty and responsibility to eliminate negative thinking. I’m going to give you five excellent techniques for eliminating negatives from your mind. Each technique is separate and independent from the other. In fact some of these techniques will seem contradictory, but each will be highly effective in dealing with negative thinking. […]