Money Secrets

There is a prosperity system that, when followed and practiced, invariably leads an individual to financial success. This system, which involves mastering both inner and outer skills, does not happen by chance or luck (unless you win the lottery) but by the application of very specific principles. Here are some of them: […]

Fortune Favors The Bold

Dare to have great thoughts. Dare to believe that you have the capabilities to be tremendously successful at whatever you choose for yourself. Dare to think that your thoughts and actions will make a difference, not only in your own personal life but in the lives of others as well. Dare to dream big. Everything begins as a thought. Every great goal achieved was originally conceived as a thought. […]

Our Success Helps Many; Our Failure Helps No One

It is a revolutionary idea and one that dramatically changes our life when we embrace it. Imagine believing that our success actually helps many people. When we believe this, it totally changes the way we think about success. Suddenly our success becomes a way by which we can help people, and we should believe this because when you closely scrutinize this concept it becomes obvious that this is true. […]