Learn about the 6 laws of the mind and the secret language of the subconscious. With training we can tap into this inner power we all possess.



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  • Sarina de Koker Avatar
    Sarina de Koker
    5/01/2020 - Facebook

    John Kehoe is a wonderful mentor and coach and has a positive influence on people's lives. It is worth your... read more

    Tina Falloon Avatar
    Tina Falloon
    4/05/2020 - Facebook

    Highly recommend both the mind power book and online course. I did the work and the treat of of... read more

    Roshan Krishnamurthy Avatar
    Roshan Krishnamurthy
    3/26/2020 - Facebook

    Mind power is very effective, brilliant, basic, and understandable when you are able to do the exercises regularly. If you... read more

  • Michel D Gnon Avatar
    Michel D Gnon
    3/19/2020 - Facebook

    I really think that his system is unique. Something about it is very powerful and potent. It is simple and... read more

    Nicola Clayton Burgess Avatar
    Nicola Clayton Burgess
    3/19/2020 - Facebook

    I read his first book even though I didn't pay attention to the success part of my life. It definitely... read more

    Mala Pillay Avatar
    Mala Pillay
    11/28/2019 - Facebook

    Mindblowing training from start to end. The power of infinite Intelligence mind-body-soul.

  • Sunny Soe Avatar
    Sunny Soe
    7/28/2019 - Facebook

    Great inspiration to everyone.

    Joy Colson Avatar
    Joy Colson
    7/24/2019 - Facebook

    I highly recommend John Kehoe's Mind Power training program!

    Grant Whitman Avatar
    Grant Whitman
    4/07/2019 - Facebook

    John Kehoe mind powers helps me to make sense of life and allows me to really know myself and understand... read more

  • Noella Tetreault Avatar
    Noella Tetreault
    2/10/2019 - Facebook

    His Mind Power program to retrain your mind is awesome!

    Dondo Dithebe Avatar
    Dondo Dithebe
    9/24/2018 - Facebook

    He empowered me to have a lifestyle of my dreams, through my own efforts.

    Vladimir Alexeenko Avatar
    Vladimir Alexeenko
    6/04/2018 - Facebook

    So glad I got this information. Thank you!

  • Linda Ann Farruggia Avatar
    Linda Ann Farruggia
    4/25/2018 - Facebook

    John's philosophies and teachings are easy to learn and incorporate in your day to day life. Excellent tools to learn... read more

    Paola Viviana Murillo Avatar
    Paola Viviana Murillo
    4/25/2018 - Facebook

    I learned about John Kehoe a few years ago when I started taking one of his online trainings. This really... read more

    Charles Sperling Avatar
    Charles Sperling
    3/19/2018 - Facebook

    John Kehoe is the greatest personal development teacher I have experienced in my long journey of self improvement; his... read more

  • Megan Blatchford Avatar
    Megan Blatchford
    2/04/2018 - Facebook

    I am a seven-times-World Masters track cycling champion, and the mind power techniques were a huge factor in my success.... read more

    Jim Shane Avatar
    Jim Shane
    1/20/2018 - Facebook

    John Kehoe truly understands the power of the human mind to create the life you dream of. I have no... read more

    Negash Arefa Avatar
    Negash Arefa
    10/30/2017 - Facebook

    John's Mind Power is the best method I have found to truly transform life practically. It is not about positive... read more

  • Reg Tan Avatar
    Reg Tan
    8/20/2017 - Facebook

    Amazing Teacher! =) Well-balanced and awe-inspiring =)

    Daniel Nikolov Avatar
    Daniel Nikolov
    8/13/2017 - Facebook

    Unleash your mind and seek what can't be seen with your eyes. This is the way to take the greatest... read more

    W Franklin Simbeye Avatar
    W Franklin Simbeye
    8/05/2017 - Facebook

    This man is amazing… in fact he has changed my life! I wish he had a chance to speak to... read more

  • Ron Lewis Avatar
    Ron Lewis
    8/03/2017 - Facebook

    John Kehoe is not only a fantastic communicator, teacher and presenter, he is truly a pioneer and expert in mindpower... read more

    Louise Behiel Avatar
    Louise Behiel
    7/23/2017 - Facebook

    John's teachings are life changing. Well explained, simple language, amazing concepts.

    Rajiv Mitra Avatar
    Rajiv Mitra
    7/02/2017 - Facebook

    John's program is absolutely amazing. I resolved problems I couldn't solve for 10 years. I highly recommend it for everyone.... read more

  • Stella Pawlica Avatar
    Stella Pawlica
    6/28/2017 - Facebook

    One of the best teachers that I have had the pleasure to listen to and learn from. The best techniques... read more

    Gene Paul Coughlan Avatar
    Gene Paul Coughlan
    6/27/2017 - Facebook

    Wow!...I was introduced to Mind Power by a friend of mine. I was so energized & inspired by it I... read more

    Cathy Belle Avatar
    Cathy Belle
    6/23/2017 - Facebook

    I just started my studies and this is by far the best program I have ever seen and spent my... read more

  • Sana Shamshad Avatar
    Sana Shamshad
    6/19/2017 - Facebook

    Thank You John Kehoe. You are the wisest owl in the forest.

    Fatima Zohra Avatar
    Fatima Zohra
    6/11/2017 - Facebook

    John Kehoe, u r a gift, I love ur wise words.

    Sheila Mac Avatar
    Sheila Mac
    6/10/2017 - Facebook

    I ran into Mind Power while traveling in Europe it was NOT AN ACCIDENT! LOVE this program!

What can I expect from the Mind Power Training?

  • Techniques for connecting with your subconscious.

  • A clear path to achieving your goals.

  • Increased health & vitality.
  • Grow your earning capacity.
  • Greater access to solutions to your problems.
  • Eliminate negative thinking.
  • The ability to work with thought forms and energy.
  • Ability to make wise decisions quickly and efficiently.
  • Deeper intuition.
  • Feeling connected and in tune with your life.
  • Discover your passion and purpose.
  • Revealing your best self.



The most amazing thing about the mind is that no instruction book came with it.

Learn to harness the powers of your subconscious and unleash your inner genius. John Kehoe will teach you the techniques and methods to harness this amazing power.

Don’t settle for anything less than your dreams.


Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

What People Are Saying About Mind Power

What You Will Learn

  • The dynamics of the mind, thoughts and how they influence your life.
  • The conscious mind: what it is, how it works for us and against us
  • The inner and outer worlds of our reality
  • The six laws of the mind, Part I
  • How to influence the outside world with your thoughts
  • How to maintain your concentration easily and effectively
  • Understanding and eliminating negative mind habits
  • Cultivating the conscious mind
  • Understanding and controlling the circumstances of your life
  • Creating thought forms
  • Effective visualization techniques
  • Seeding Technique
  • Working with vibrations to create your reality
  • Understanding and eliminating negatives
  • The power of decision, action and persistence
  • The big payoff: Experiencing your power
  • Removing power from undesirable conditions
  • Mind & body, health techniques
  • Affirmations: How they work and how to use them
  • Acknowledgement technique to create success and abundance
  • Using your intuition to solve problems
  • The six laws of the mind, Part II
  • The dynamics of achieving large goals
  • Steps for influencing and getting answers from the subconscious mind
  • Using your imagination to create
  • Creating thought success patterns that work for you day and night
  • Realizing your full potential through new, creative methods of living
  • The building blocks of reality
  • The nature and power of beliefs
  • Discovering hidden personal beliefs
  • Common belief system barriers
  • Changing your beliefs
  • Using the imprinting technique to reach the subconscious
  • The holographic reality
  • The genesis of Mind Power
  • Common errors in using Mind Power
  • The importance of charting and journaling
  • Identifying goals
  • Points of achievement
  • Designing your personal Mind Power program

What You Will Get

6 weekly audio sessions with personal instruction by John Kehoe.

Weekly PDF notes.

Weekly exercises.

Invitation to a special Facebook forum for Mind Power students where you can interact with like-minded Mind Power Graduates.

Mind Power Changes Lives…Find Out For Yourself

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For over 40 years best-selling author John Kehoe has helped millions reach their full potential using Mind Power.