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Life Changes

Apparently a red-flanked bluetail from Asia was spotted last week in Vancouver, and it seems it is a big deal. Now I’m not a birder, so I don’t really get excited about these things, but I was intrigued when the speculation about how it got here was raging. One theory is that it was caught up in a major storm front and blown thousands of miles from its habitat. Hmmm… just like all our lives, I thought. […]

Our Success Helps Many; Our Failure Helps No One

It is a revolutionary idea and one that dramatically changes our life when we embrace it. Imagine believing that our success actually helps many people. When we believe this, it totally changes the way we think about success. Suddenly our success becomes a way by which we can help people, and we should believe this because when you closely scrutinize this concept it becomes obvious that this is true. […]

Athletes of the Mind

Mind Power is a practice not a philosophy. Too often people think of mind power simply as a concept or a philosophy forgetting that to get results we have to actually practice our techniques and bring them into a daily routine. Think of mind power as yoga of the mind or working out in the mental gym of consciousness. […]