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Sprouting Seeds is the Same as Creating New Beliefs

My wife Sylvia has taken to sprouting seeds of her favourite greens—kale, arugula and romaine— which she wants for our garden. She planted about four seeds in each little container in the flat. I’ve been watching her and the love and attention she is giving these tiny seedlings. She waters them daily so the soil stays moist, and keeps them in the sun during the day, bringing them back into the house at night so they will stay warm. […]

Living in the NOW Means Enjoying the Moments

I already know that the best place to live in is the present! Each day… practicing living in the now, feeling it, being present, not being anxious or worried about my past or future but enjoying the now! We all know this but can we practice it? What would our life be like if we practiced living and enjoying the moments of each day, […]

Fortune Favors The Bold

Dare to have great thoughts. Dare to believe that you have the capabilities to be tremendously successful at whatever you choose for yourself. Dare to think that your thoughts and actions will make a difference, not only in your own personal life but in the lives of others as well. Dare to dream big. Everything begins as a thought. Every great goal achieved was originally conceived as a thought. […]

More Visualisation

What you focus on, you attract. The reason this is true is simple. Even though we are not consciously aware of it, we live in an immense quantum sea of vibrating energy that is ever responsive to how and what we think. Our thoughts are forever trying to express themselves in our lives. Our thoughts are creative forces, and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can begin designing our lives with clarity and purpose. […]