Becoming Aware of How Life Force Leaks Away From Us Unnecessarily

Continuing from last month, we are exploring the ways to increase Life Force. The second method we can use is:

2. Fun and Joy

When we’re having fun, and when we’re joyful, this naturally increases our flow and intake of Life Force. This in itself should teach us an important lesson. Fun and joy are not frivolous activities, but activities that augment and supply vital energy to our total being.

It is not by chance that one of the practices in my book, The Practice of Happiness, is fun and joy. I want to quote a few paragraphs from this chapter, as they clearly reinforce what I’m saying.

“Having fun daily, even if it’s only for a few minutes, is a life-affirming practice. It’s also a powerful symbol to our subconscious. It is saying I am worthy. Life is good. Even small amounts of fun every day can have a profound effect. We must be diligent in taking time to nourish ourselves. If, no matter how busy we are, we still have the wisdom to take time for ourselves, we will be well compensated. Don’t be fooled by pressures and responsibilities; they will wait for you. We set the agenda for our life, and in our agenda there must always be time for fun.”

“We need to renew our spirit regularly. A busy life necessitates it. We’ve become too full of activities. Too serious. Too adult. No wonder kids often think we’re dull and boring. In many ways that’s what we’ve become. We should get back to our roots and instincts. Bring in more balance. We need to have more fun, and to do so we have to be more creative and spontaneous; to seize the opportunities life presents us whenever and wherever we find them.”

52549157 - portrait of smiling young woman at a cafe table looking at digital tablet with a friend sitting by.3. Maintaining the Body

Our body is the outer temple and vehicle by which we experience life. It should come as no surprise that the condition of our body has a noticeable effect on how we think and feel. Being aware of this can help us immeasurably.

For example, notice your energy level when you’re sick and lying in bed, as opposed to when you’re fit and healthy. There is a big difference. So the question becomes, how do we achieve and maintain a body that is healthy, fit, and an open receptacle for increased life force? This is far different from the neurotic preoccupation with having the perfect body and trying to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, or a wafer-thin model. The key is to ask yourself: “What makes me feel good?” and “What practices nourish me?” Trust your own feelings of wellness and aliveness.

For example, when I’m on tour, it is easy to eat “fast foods” on the run because they are quick and convenient. However, I’ve noticed over the years that when I do eat like this for a few days, I suffer. I feel sluggish and my energy drops, so I generally avoid them. Not because I don’t like the taste, which I do, but because I don’t like what they do to me.

I know that when I walk up and down stairs rather tha