A Vision of Power and Glory

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Find Meaning and Beauty in the World Around You

In A Vision of Power and Glory, John Kehoe presents a modern-day map to the spiritual path. In a powerful, visionary style that is both poetic and practical, he delivers a timely, inspirational message to everyone who has ever sought greater meaning and beauty in the world around him.
Kehoe sets clear guideposts, offers hard-won advice, and explains how, for anyone embarking on a genuine spiritual quest, the rewards are not in the hereafter, but here and now.

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About John Kehoe

Having earned worldwide recognition for his work, John is an energetic teacher, a best-selling author, a socially conscious human, and a believer in your ability to transform your future with your thoughts. Refusing to rest on his past achievements, John continues to reach new heights within his study of consciousness and the power of the mind.