…continued from The Ten Practices of a Happy and Successful Life – Part II)

Practice # 5 – Awaken Your Heart

Practice awakening your heart and you will be amazed at how much joy and love you will experience. Every day all of us have numerous opportunities to feel deeply our special relationship with others. The most amazing feeling of “oneness” happens when we open our hearts to what surrounds us and let it all in.

Our relationships with others can and should be a source of pleasure for us. And if what surrounds you doesn’t bring you joy and happiness, then it is time to take a close look at your life. What is it that keeps you from enjoying these contacts? Perhaps you need to break out of the enclosing walls of constant self-preoccupation. Perhaps you need to open the windows of the “self” and let in some fresh air.

52898618 - portrait of young friends jumping into the water from a jetty. young people having fun at the lake on a summer day.Awaken your heart and you will awaken your life to a whole new set of possibilities. Not only should you awaken your heart, you should expand it to include many hearts. The awakening of the heart is a great blessing; suddenly you are so much more than just yourself.

“Breaking out of the prison of little self
I find myself flowing into everything.”
– A Vision of Power and Glory

How do we awaken our hearts? We begin by honoring heart wisdom, and realizing that the heart sees and knows in ways our mind will never understand. So rather than try to understand the heart, our approach is simply to allow ourselves to experience its truth and beauty. We let go of logical critical thinking for a moment and feel our way into whatever situation we find ourselves in. We let others’ pain and joy touch us deeply, and we’re not afraid of these feelings.