(continued from last month – see The Ten Practices of a Happy and Successful Life – Part IV )

Practice #8 – Have a Daily Self-Help Practice

I discovered something quite revolutionary a number of years ago, which I would like to reveal to you now. Devoting yourself daily to either a mental, physical or spiritual practice for as little as ten minutes a day will augment your whole being and produce amazing results. The body-mind-spirit package of who we are is holographic, and work on any one of these areas resonates and affects the others. I call it the “spill-over effect.”

34786193 - girl underwater with sun rays and colorful sunflareWhether it is mind power, yoga, tai chi, mediation, prayer, massage, painting, sculpting, marital arts, relaxation exercises, going to the gym, journaling, or dozens of other possible practices, it is not so much which practice you choose to do that produces an effect, but the daily practice of it, whatever it is. And I emphasize daily. That is the key. Now obviously I am an ardent proponent of Mind Power, and if I had to pick only one this would be it, but luckily we don’t have to choose only one. We design our own practices in whichever way we choose, but I strongly suggest you pick something to do and do it daily.

Daily practice invites what a good friend of mine calls “answering graces.” In other words, good things happen on all levels in response. I discovered this when I first started practicing Mind Power. My daily Mind Power practice awakened my spirituality and also increased my health. And I’m not alone in discovering these benefits. Recent studies have also corroborated this phenomenon. Whatever transformative self-help practice you incorporate daily in your life will produce results in all other areas of your life. Not only this, but daily practice will quite often reveal and release extraordinary capacities that we have been totally unaware of until our daily practice revealed them to us.

Practice #9 – Have a Spiritual Belief

This may be a religious or non-religious belief. Spirituality transcends religion. Religion may be the path you use to discover your spirituality, or it may not. I practice a hybrid of spiritual practices combining Christian mysticism, Zen Buddhism, Shamanism and Jewish Kabalistic teachings. This works for me and nurtures me deeply, but each of us is called to follow the spiritual path that resonates with us. A path with heart. There is no one path to God and the unseen worlds. In the spiritual world you are not judged by your religion or lack of it, but by your heart and your actions. When I pray out loud in front of a group, which I sometimes do, I often begin with the words, “To Whom It May Concern.” I do this for several reasons. Firstly, it usually ge