We are beings of energy and consciousness, and we can learn, with practice, to be adept at working with both of these forces. It is in the everyday events of our life where we learn the skills of working with energy. Becoming aware of how energy flows within us, feeling its ebb and flow, moment by moment, teaches us a lot. We notice how it leaks away when we think and act in certain ways, and discover how energy can be trapped and held by parts of ourselves that are unconscious. Certain habits and practices, we come to realize, increase our energy, and others decrease it, and we take note of this.

How we feel is an indication of what is happening with our energy. Energy ebbs and flows within us, so noticing what causes these ebbs and flows allows us to make conscious choices in our life from an energetic perspective, which is a totally different way of living. There are a number of energy practices that will uplift our energy, and practicing these methods, we learn how to become choreographers of energy.

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Our First Practice is Harvesting Moments of Fun, Joy, and Beauty

We harvest moments of fun, joy and beauty because they make us strong. It is wasteful and disrespectful to not enjoy and appreciate the simple everyday pleasures of life. It shows we are unconscious, neurotic, captured by pettiness or lost within our mind. We must try to be happy, to enjoy our life. It is good for us to live this way.

When we enjoy life and drink deeply from the moments of fun, joy, and beauty that happen daily in our lives, giving thanks for this magnificent journey, we feel better, have more energy and become more aware. Fun, joy and beauty have never been understood as energy sources before, but this will change as our understanding of quantum reality increases.

The universe encourages us to have fun. We know this because it rewards us with energy when we enjoy ourselves, therefore it must want us to do this. The universe encourages us to increase our energy by making these sources of energy pleasurable. Just as procreation is made pleasurable to ensure that the species propagates itself, similarly when we are happy, having fun, enjoying and appreciating ourselves and our life journey, we are rewarded with increased energy. It is not surprising that nature would create ways to increase our energy by making them fun and enjoyable. This would encourage us to access these sources regularly.

Re-establish Your Priorities To Let Joy In

We have always meant to be nurtured by these sources; only we have forgotten our most basic need for fun and pleasure. We got lost in busyness, thinking, and other matters deemed more important. We need to reestablish different priorities and redesign how we are living our lives. To let joy, beauty and happiness into our life each day is a very conscious thing to do. These everyday experiences and pleasures of