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RELEASE YOUR BRAKES! STOP holding yourself back, starting NOW! Everyone has a hidden potential deep inside them, capable of propelling them into GREATER AND GRANDER degrees of LIVINGNESS EVERYDAY. Learn to TAKE CONTROL of your POWER. LEARN TO LIVE a life that you will LOVE! Find out how, RIGHT NOW…
All the effort and action in the world will NOT help us attain our goals UNTIL we ensure our Subconscious Mind is working for us and not against us.
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ZUCKERBERG, MUSK, BEZOS, & GATES, all started with an IDEA. One they PLANTED SO DEEPLY into their SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS, that their world’s started to MATERIALIZE around their VISION. Learn HOW this works, LEARN WHAT MOST ARE NOT TAUGHT! We all START somewhere, so you should START HERE…
THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR OWN HANDS! But before effort is applied, your FUTURE must be in YOUR MINDS EYE! FOCUSED VISION, coupled with systematic SELF-PROGRAMMING, and DISPLINED EFFORT, takes you from curb side to BIRDS EYE. LEARN HOW every top ATHLETE, BUSINESS PERSON, and CELEBRITY has accelerated to the TOP OF THEIR FIELD. Let us SHOW YOU THE STAIRS, right now…
If you could do ANYTHING YOU WANTED TO, what would it be? If you had NO LIMITATIONS TO WHAT YOU COULD ACHIEVE, where would you focus your energy? If you learned a little SECRET, one responsible for all of the MAJOR SUCCESS STORIES you hear about TODAY, where would you be TOMORROW? Let us help you get there…
This FREE EBOOK provides you with IMMEDIATE TOOLS you can IMPLEMENT NOW to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER! Best selling author JOHN KEHOE invites you to challenge yourself by TAKING CONTROL of your greatest partner in SUCCESS, your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Learn POWERFUL secrets RIGHT NOW, which will TRAIN YOU HOW TO SEED SUCCESS in your own mind TODAY! Yes, the book is FREE, but the work isn’t, so READ UP and START IMMEDIATELY, time is extremely VALUABLE…
All the effort and action in the world will NOT help us attain our goals UNTIL we ensure our Subconscious Mind is working for us and not against us. START NOW
Fed up with struggling to create a better life? Ready to try something more radical yet scientifically based? Bestselling author John Kehoe will show you how. START NOW
Mind Power is a mind training system based on scientific principles to harness the power of the conscious and subconscious minds. Quickly and easily you can begin to create greater success in every area of your life. START NOW


Suggested Subject Lines:

  • How to leverage the power of your Subconscious Mind
  • How to get your mind working for you
  • Learn the science behind thoughts
  • Learn to harness the astounding power of thought
  • Your Subconscious Mind is your partner in success
  • Learn Mind Power and create your best life
  • How to become the master of your thoughts
  • Learn to access the true potential of your mind
  • I’d like to introduce you to one of my mentors



I’d like to introduce you to one of my mentors, John Kehoe, the world’s leading authority on the powers of the mind.

Thanks to John’s work on Mind Power, I’ve created a better life for myself than I ever imagined possible.

[you can get into more detail here as to what Mind Power has helped you achieve specifically in the areas of finance, relationships, health, lifestyle]

And I want you to live your best life also. However your best life looks for you.

How did Mind Power help me achieve my success?

Simply put, John’s work showed me how to attain my goals by harnessing the power of my Subconscious Mind.

He taught me two basic truths:

1. The Subconscious Mind is our greatest asset and the engine of our success.

2. All the effort and action taking in the world will not help us attain our goals UNTIL we ensure that our Subconscious Mind is working FOR us and not against us.

John also taught me some simple Mind Power practices I used daily over a period of time to retrain my mind to create what I specifically wanted in life.

Let me be clear about Mind Power:

  • Mind Power is NOT positive thinking.
  • Mind Power is a NOT a philosophy. It is a SYSTEM based on scientific principles.
  • Mind Power is NOT a magic wand. It will work for you ONLY if you WORK IT.

So to create what we want, we need to leverage the power of our greatest asset: our Subconscious Mind.

If what I’m saying resonates with you and you’re curious to learn more about the science behind thoughts, I suggest you check out the excellent free resources on John’s website:

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John’s trained millions over the last 40 years to create better lives for themselves, myself included. He can help you, too.

So why not check it out?

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Should you be looking to improve any area of your life – whether it be finances, health, relationships or lifestyle, I highly recommend that you check out John Kehoe’s work on the powers of the mind.

For over 40 years, John has taught millions of people, including myself, how to leverage the power of their subconscious minds to create greater success in their lives.

And I assure you that Mind Power is not “positive thinking” or some New Age mumbo jumbo. It’s a system of easily applied techniques based on scientific principles that reach the subconscious and program it for the success you desire.

However success looks for you.

There are some excellent short videos on John’s website to introduce you to the science behind thoughts, which I’m sure you’ll find very informative.

And there are also simple strategies you can start using right away in the area of life you most want to improve.

I highly recommend you take a look. It’s well worth a few minutes of your time.

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Perhaps you have done a lot of work to create a better life for yourself

Worked long and hard

Invested a lot of time and money to be successful

The books you’ve read, the programs you’ve done

They’ve all helped to a certain degree

Because you definitely understand the concepts

And are acquainted with certain laws

But you’re still not where you want to be

Your results still fall short.

So may I suggest that your mind,

Specifically your Subconscious Mind,

Is simply not working for you as it should.

The predominant thoughts you’ve been thinking

The beliefs that you hold

Still run contrary to what you want

And are creating your results.

All the effort and action in the world

Will not help you attain your goals

And realize your dreams

UNTIL your Subconscious Mind is working FOR you

And not against you.

The great news is:

You can change your thoughts

And the beliefs that you hold

So the Subconscious becomes your partner in success

And you experience the results you’ve been wanting.

John Kehoe has the system

One you practice every day for a period of time

To retrain the mind

And create a foundation of success

John’s taught Mind Power to millions over the last 40 years

He can teach you too.

So do yourself a HUGE favor

And check out John’s work here:

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What plagues you?

Is it money? Health? Your significant other or lack thereof?

Where in life do you struggle?

What is it that seems to always rear its ugly head every so often? You know, those subtle or not so subtle reminders that the universe uses to display its dominance.

Life can be hard, defeating to many in fact.

But why is it, some of us seem to have the luck of the lot, while the rest of us are always struggling with something? And that something, like an unlearned lesson, tends to happen to us over and over again?

Some of us lose our health, blow through money, destroy relationships or quit before we finish. For many of us these issues have become patterns, as if the universe has destined us to experience the same issues over and over again.

How can we graduate AWAY from that infinite loop that seems to bestow us with the same issues in life over and over?

Well, listen here…

What if those reoccurring issues were not some form of punishment by a hard life, but actually unconscious creations of our own power?

Blasphemy you say? No. It’s time to stop blaming external conditions for your circumstances.

It’s time for you to possess the knowledge of your own power – and start exercising it!

Download this free ebook today and start learning immediately what you can do to CHANGE YOUR LIFE…

Your success, is everyone’s success.

So start learning what you can do to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It’s not as a hard as you might think…

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