For the past 35 years, John Kehoe has been conducting a very private workshop called The Awakening. It is offered exclusively to John’s advanced students, those who have completed the Mind Power training. The Awakening is held in three different locations around the world: Vancouver (Canada), South Africa and New Zealand. This workshop is limited to 35 people, allowing John to work with the group on a deep and intimate level, giving personal attention to the group dynamics. No two Awakenings are alike, as no two Awakenings include the same participants. The workshop is designed to take you to a profound level of your being; to your true essence.

Using powerful techniques, John leads participants gently and securely into the depths of the four parts of self: the body, mind, subconscious and soul. When these four parts are awakened and functioning effectively with one another, we experience an awareness and clarity that is unmistakable. It is in this state that we are “awakened”. Each individual can then live life with clarity and understanding, focusing their energies on what is most important to them.

For 5 days participants give up all contact with the outside world to explore parts of themselves that have long been neglected and undeveloped. The Awakening is, for