Affiliate Program – FAQ’s

What is the current affiliate commission structure?
Affiliates will earn 40% – 50% commission on any courses in the online store purchased by their referrals through their affiliate link. Once a prospect clicks on your affiliate link, they remain your referral for six months.

Each month the Mind Power online store will calculate the total monthly sale of courses;

If you sell 1 – 5 paid courses you get 40% of the sale.

If you sell 6 – 15 paid courses you get 45% of the sale.

If you sell 16  or more paid courses you get 50% of the sale. This

When are commissions paid out?
John Kehoe Mind Power Inc. will pay out commissions on the 15th of every month.

Due to our 30 day refund policy, you will receive your commission on the next commission payout date after the 30 day cancellation period expires. For example, commissions earned during the period January 1-14 will be paid out on February 15. Commissions earned between January 15-31 will be paid out March 15.

Commissions must total US$250 before a payout occurs. Once you hit the US$250 threshold in commissions payable, the payment will be issued. Commissions are not payable on refunded sales.

How are commissions paid out?
Commissions will be paid in US Dollars via PayPal. No commission checks will be issued. If you do not have a PayPal account, obtain a free one here.

How are taxes handled?
Affiliates must complete and submit to John Kehoe Mind Power either a W9 tax form if resident of the United States or a W8 tax form if not a US resident. Commissions will not be paid to affiliates until the appropriate tax form is recei