Affiliate Program – Getting Started


Your goal as a Mind Power Affiliate is to introduce your friends, family, co-workers, and social media followers to Mind Power by offering them the download of a free gift. Once your prospects opt in to receive the gift via your affiliate link, they will be tracked to you and put in our marketing funnel to receive additional free resources plus the offer to purchase the Mind Power Training.

Once your prospects purchase the Mind Power Training or any other digital products in our online store, you will receive commissions on these purchases. For details regarding the Affiliate Program’s commission structure, details of commission payout, etc., please access the FAQ section.

Get Started

  1. Set-up Paypal
    In order to process your commission payments, we must have your PayPal email address. Log into your Affiliate Home and select Edit Profile to add or correct your Paypal email.
  2. Submit Tax Forms
    Affiliates must complete and submit either a W9 tax form if resident of the United States or a W8 tax form if not a US resident. Please submit your completed form to:
  3. Get Creatives
    You will find your affiliate link and social media banners under Creatives inside Affiliate Home. Also, review our Creative Resources page for email and socia