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Welcome to the first lesson of John Kehoe’s 6-week online Mind Power Training.

In this exciting first lesson you will be hearing an actual live presentation from John Kehoe on how to develop your innate inner powers and the methods of harnessing the power of your mind for a happy and successful life.

In this 1 hour 20 minute lesson you will learn how the inner and outer worlds work together, the six laws of the mind, four techniques for eliminating negatives, how the conscious mind functions, contemplation and concentration techniques and how we can begin to take control of our life by taking control of our thoughts.

Then the most important and valuable part of the session; the daily exercises. At the end of the lesson John gives you twenty minutes of simple exercises that you will practice each day before you begin the next session. As John often states “it is the week in between each session that is the most important part of the training. It’s the exercises that awaken your inner power.”

So congratulations on taking this first step to mastering the powers of your mind.

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