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Now, finally, the 6-week Mind Power Training is available in an online program. Designed to produce optimal results, the Mind Power Training allows participants to gain direct, individual access to John Kehoe as he offers clear, explicit training over six weekly sessions designed to awaken your inner powers.

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About John Kehoe

Having earned worldwide recognition for his work, John is an energetic teacher, a best-selling author, a socially conscious human, and a believer in your ability to transform your future with your thoughts. Refusing to rest on his past achievements, John continues to reach new heights within his study of consciousness and the power of the mind.

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    This is hands down THE BEST program I have ever bought and heard on the subject of the mind and how we can learn to train our mind to create whatever we want in life. Thank you so much, John Kehoe, for sharing this incredible knowledge!!!

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    I have listened to this over and over and over again. There is a wealth of info here for personal growth. I will never be the same. Making this world heaven on earth really begins with you and John Kehoe does an amazing job of bringing the obvious back to our attention.

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    John Kehoe’s book “Mind Power in the 21st Century” was recommended to me a few years ago by a woman who now makes over a million dollars a year. I read the book. I liked it so much that I went back and read it again, and took notes. However, I never really applied the principles. I, unfortunately, don’t make a million dollars a year, yet. Recently, I decided that I was going to read the book again, and this time I was determined to follow it step by step for as for as it took to develop mind power. Then, I discovered the home study course and decided to give that a try. I just finished the four weeks that John Kehoe recommends you take to do the course, one of the best decisions of my life. I feel a difference already. I’ve figured out a few blocks that are holding me back and I’m working to get rid of them. I see that I can make a difference in my life, not just a little difference, a huge difference. I can create the life I want to live. I have been given the tools, and this time I’m going to use them, (the most important part), and I will succeed.

    So I will say, if you are ready to begin a program, and stick to it, check out John Kehoe’s home study program, or his mind power book.

    Here are some other teachers who have helped me on my journey, Neville Goddard, Alan Watts, and Joseph Murphy.

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    Excellent seminar course. This course has provided the missing ingredient that I’ve been looking for. Meditation alone wasn’t getting it done for me. I was jumping around from one spiritual discipline, or church to the next. I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything correctly even after many years of meditating. I wasn’t getting the thought process guidance that I needed to make things happen for me. Thank You John Kehoe.

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    This guy is an amazing speaker, and has great ideas.
    In my opinion his stuff should be as popular as Zig Ziglar’s stuff. I can tell that other speakers have stolen some of his stuff, because he came before them, and I recall them saying the same stuff.

    When he gets excited about the topic, he sounds like Jack Nicholson, the actor.

    I think he’s much easier to listen to than the Abraham Hicks lady, or even Brian Tracy (who seems to put a… “quotes”… in every sentence.).

    The program is very well-structured and organized, because he had taught the seminar hundreds of times before recording it, and improved it a bit each time.

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