Our hidden subconscious mind is the most powerful part of who we are.

In ‘Harnessing the Subconscious Mind’ John explains how our subconscious is designed to be our partner in success and how we can access and use this great power. This guided visualization and affirmation program will connect you with your subconscious and let you use its power with ease.

12 minutes a day can change your life.

John Kehoe provides a simple and practical system to help you program your subconscious to help you achieve your goals and desires.

This powerful, easy-to-use program has shown proven results, and contains two 12-minute exercises that you can use over a 60 to 90 day period to imprint your goal or desire in a unique and effective way.

The Visualizations & Affirmations program features a guided visualization, where John Kehoe himself takes you through the experience and feeling of having your goal or desire fulfilled. Also included in this program are 8 different affirmations which are presented by John, and repeated by you to get the results you want.