Designing a Mind Power Program

John Kehoe talks about:
"Mind Power Training"

If you were to do every Mind Power technique shared in the Mind Power Into the 21st Century book for five minutes every day, you’d probably need an hour and a half a day to complete them, and that’s simply too much time. In our modern, busy, active lives time is precious and needs to be used wisely. That’s why I suggest you limit yourself to twenty to thirty minutes a day. This is sufficient time to see dramatic results in a relatively short amount of time, and yet very doable, even for the busiest person.

You have to work to see results with Mind Power. It’s not a magic wand. Mind Power is a practice not a philosophy, and there are very few practices that will guarantee you results from just twenty to thirty minutes a day, so we’re fortunate to have these techniques.

Some exercises can be general and others specific. For example, you could have a general exercise on abundant health and a specific one to help with your sore back. Or a general one on an abundance of money and a specific one on closing an important deal with one of your customers.

Designing your own personal Mind Power program is like painting a canvas. There are a few basic rules of composition and color, but after that each artist paints in his or her own particular way. The paintings of Picasso and Rembrandt are radically different from one another, yet both are recognized as masters of their craft. So too can you be a master of Mind Power in your own unique way; all you need are the desire and a willingness to put time in every day thinking in this new and exciting way.

Having personally taught this system to over two million individuals, I have a great deal of firsthand experience with the different ways people use Mind Power. Each person is different, and this is one of the strengths of Mind Power—it will suit your particular style and character. Some people use a diversity of techniques, while others use only one or two. I know individuals who have achieved great success using only the affirmation technique and nothing else. While using just one technique would be too restrictive and limiting for me, it worked for them and that’s all that counts. I am a big believer in RESULTS! So feel free to design your own system.

I personally like to spend approximately five minutes on each exercise I give myself. So if I devote between twenty to thirty minutes, that’s four to six exercises daily. I also like to assign myself a weekly program, whereby I stick to the same exercises all week. At the end of each week I review my exercises and alter them as feels appropriate. The mind likes diversity, and changing exercises week by week often spurs one on. The important thing is to make sure you’re doing some exercises every day.

Let’s assume you’ve chosen an appropriate goal and you’ve committed yourself to doing twenty to thirty minutes a day for a ninety-day period. A possible Mind Power scenario might look something like this:

5 minutes visualizing your goal
5 minutes affirming your goal
10 minutes on subconscious exercises for guidance
5 minutes acknowledging your strengths and creating a success vibration

5 minutes visualizing your goal
5 minutes affirming your goal
5 minutes contemplating the importance of success
5 minutes on self-image
5 minutes acknowledging your strengths

5 minutes visualizing your goal
5 minutes imprinting new beliefs
5 minutes contemplating your personal power to create
10 minutes on self-image
5 minutes of affirmations

So while your goal remains the same, the exercises can vary week by week. Each new week becomes a new work in progress, and our life is our canvas. The key is to keep doing the exercises, remembering that what you focus on you attract. Mind Power gives us techniques to focus on our goals.

Want more? An expanded Setting up a Mind Power Program is available on CD, as well as via the complete Mind Power Home Study Program.