15 minutes a day will change your life.

Designing a Mind Power Program

Getting results is easy; all you have to do is practice Mind Power techniques on a regular basis. The two keys for seeing success with mind power are repetition and regularity. Meaning it is much better to practice for five minutes every day, than for half an hour twice a week.

Through the study of neuroplasticity, science has proven that short, regular intervals of practice imprint quicker and have a more lasting effect than irregular attempts. The lesson here is simple; have a daily practice. In the Mind Power training we are taught a number of simple but effective methods for training the mind and imprinting into the subconscious.

Each person is different, and this is one of the strengths of Mind Power — it will suit your personality. Some people use a diversity of techniques, while others use only one or two. While using just one technique would be too restrictive and limiting for most of us, it worked for them, and that’s what counts.

It is a good idea to assign yourself a weekly program where you stick to the same exercises all week. At the end of each week, review your exercises and vary your program where it feels appropriate. The mind likes diversity, and changing exercises week by week can help. The important thing is to make sure you do exercises every day.

Some exercises in your daily program can be general and others specific. For example, you could have a general exercise on abundant health and a specific one to help with your sore back. Or a general exercise on an abundance of money and a specific exercise on closing an important deal with one of your customers. With practice you will learn how to design the perfect program for your goals.

The key is to do some practice every day remembering that what you focus on you attract. Mind Power gives us the techniques to achieve our goals. Even five minutes a day will make a difference.