The following is an excerpt from The Practice of Happiness, a book by John Kehoe.

Each moment of time is a point in the journey. A point unique and unlike any other point that has come before or will come in the future. Each moment of time is a destination that has been arrived at, whether planned or not. To drink deeply from the moment is to increase your life force – to be aware and awake and alive. To miss the points in the journey is to miss the journey. To think or believe that the points in the journey should be something other than what they are is to miss the essence of the points. It is to miss the journey. Some moments match our expectations of what we think they should be and some moments do not. All are points in the journey. All are jewels and beads in the sacred necklace of our life. The present moment is always filled with infinite treasures. It contains far more than we are capable of receiving. We, however, get into the habit of categorizing our points as good or bad, exciting or dull, important or unimportant, according to both our expectations and interpretations of them. Our expectations and interpretations are filters and blinders that rob and hide from us the essence of what is before us. This is one of the great tragedies of life, because what is before us is nothing less than the miracle of life. It is so easy to miss it, not see it. We get busy. We get preoccupied. We get lost in our own fantasies and worries and expectations when all around us our life is unfolding in the most miraculous ways.