I’m always amazed when individuals try to play it safe in life. Often it is either fear of change or inertia that keeps them stuck. “If I don’t rock the boat, make any major changes, life will continue on as it has and that suits me fine,” seems to be the reasoning. But the premise of this reasoning is flawed from the very beginning. As I wrote last month, the Law of Constant Change is forever active in our life, and will not allow stability. Change and more change is the nature of our lives. Understanding this, the wise person regularly initiates change in his or her life. For if we do not, then life itself will be the initiator.

Even a stagnant pool does not remain the same but becomes more and more foul. So too inertia and fear of change attract the worst of circumstances, and are therefore to be avoided at all costs. As a stagnant pool will be refreshed by an inflow and outflow of rushing water, so too our lives are refreshed by an inflow of things new and different.