Energy-wise, it is not just what we think and do that counts, but equally who we are. Who we are vibrates a unique frequency that resonates throughout the entire energy web. We cannot ignore who we are.  To develop character means we take on the qualities and habits that are most in alignment with our ultimate vision of ourselves. Petty habits that no longer serve us must be dropped, but when we drop our pettiness what do we replace it with?

Nature abhors a vacuum and will rush to replace whatever we eliminate with something else. But this works to our advantage, as it gives us an unprecedented opportunity to replace our pettiness with the opposite quality, then let this become our new vibration. We eliminate self-pity and replace it with gratitude. We drop our self-importance and develop humility. We change worry into confidence and fear into faith. We eliminate greediness with generosity; laziness with self-discipline. We become proactive in changing who we are.