A wonderful gift to ourselves and those whom we are close to is to make a decision to drop as much pettiness from our lives as we possibly can. A simple decision and promise to ourselves to try to not be petty can, as we implicate this new strategy, cause a radical change in our energy.

Every thought and act of ours carries an energetic vibration, and when we act from authenticity, living up to our highest ideals, we gain real and noticeable benefits from this practice. Our vibration will always shift to match our thoughts, beliefs and actions, and as our vibration shifts so too does our entire relationship with life. This is how energy works in the universe. We are not separate and independent from our life; we are always and continuously interacting with it. Everything we do and think counts. So it is only logical to assume that when we indulge in pettiness with our thoughts, words or actions, it will have an effect on us, which of course it does. From a Mind Power perspective you would expect this.