A wonderful gift to ourselves and those whom we are close to is to make a decision to drop as much pettiness from our lives as we possibly can. A simple decision and promise to ourselves to try to not be petty can, as we implicate this new strategy, cause a radical change in our energy.

Every thought and act of ours carries an energetic vibration, and when we act from authenticity, living up to our highest ideals, we gain real and noticeable benefits from this practice. Our vibration will always shift to match our thoughts, beliefs and actions, and as our vibration shifts so too does our entire relationship with life. This is how energy works in the universe. We are not separate and independent from our life; we are always and continuously interacting with it. Everything we do and think counts. So it is only logical to assume that when we indulge in pettiness with our thoughts, words or actions, it will have an effect on us, which of course it does. From a Mind Power perspective you would expect this.

51757412 - letting go psychology concept as a heavy anchor transforming into a flying group of birds as a motivational metaphor for liberation and leaving a life or business burden behind.The vibration of pettiness, not surprisingly, keeps us small, limited and caught in a scarcity consciousness. It shows that we have no generosity for either ourselves or others, that we let the little things trip us up. Let’s drop this nonsense and be magnanimous, loving, giving and positive about ourselves and others. Let’s do it because it looks good on us, makes us feel better, and by doing it we change our vibration. Why not make the decision to just drop pettiness as a flawed thinking habit that doesn’t work for us, never worked for us, and was a mistake right from the beginning?

Where and how do we start? Let’s begin by giving up criticism. By stalking energy (one of our future audio podcasts), we discover that when we are critical of ourselves or others we feel weakened and drained afterwards. Do not think of criticism as good or bad from a moral, social or spiritual point of view, though there are those aspects too; simply notice from an energetic perspective if it weakens or strengthens your energy. Stalking ourselves, it becomes clear that when we indulge in critical thinking we lose energy. This is valuable to know.

There is another aspect of criticism that we must also be aware of. When we are criticizing another person, going over their faults and limitations, the subconscious mind—which cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined—registers this criticism within, and if criticizing people becomes a habit, before long your subconscious begins criticizing you. It will turn back on you.

What other pettiness might we give up? How about self-pity or self-importance? Both of these petty indulgences signify the mind being overly preoccupied with itself, albeit in distinct ways. This too, we discover, weakens us. There is nothing to be overly proud