January is typically a month of reflection, a time to look back at past choices to see how the year unfolded, and to look ahead. It is a time of new resolutions and commitments, and to choose again. Choice is our ultimate act of creativity. It is the way we express ourselves. It is through choice that we navigate through life.

The choices we encounter are incalculable. For example, think of how many choices you’ve already made just today. You have chosen the clothes you are now wearing. You have chosen what you ate. You have chosen a number of activities today, including the choice to log on to this website and read this month’s Topic of the Month. Each day unfolds like this. Countless choices, many of them made without much thought, following the programming and habitual routines we have built for ourselves.

49138781 - alpine landscape with peaks covered by snow and clouds. natural mountain backgroundWhen we are unconscious in the act of choosing, or too busy to notice why and what we are choosing, we cease to have free will and give up our powers of choice. Instead we allow our programming to choose for us. This works well if our programming has been carefully selected by us to assist in our unfolding destiny. But if our programming is the result of neglect, fears, worries or destructive habits, then we are apt to simply follow the path of least resistance. In these cases we often make poor choices.

Choosing well necessitates knowing ourselves, as well as our objectives. Knowing where we tend to procrastinate, make excuses and fall short is valuable information. Knowing these aspects of ourselves, we can design strategies and choose actions to compensate. Success is not achieved by luck or fate, but by understanding the dynamics of who we are, and then harnessing the power of our thoughts in a creative way.

We have complete free will to choose the actions we pursue, the thoughts we entertain, and the beliefs we hold. We are the product of our choices. Knowing this, the Mind Power student works diligently with consciousness to create his life. He creates the thoughts, beliefs and visions that best serve him. And this is done in a very systematic way, understanding the laws of manifestation. We become the artist and creator of our life.

What beliefs would you desire to have vibrating within you day and night? Practice Mind Power and you will create them. The subconscious is ever listening. The ways and means of programming and imprinting into the subconscious are well known and tested. We can create beliefs and habits of thought to support us. This website is filled with this knowledge. We can adjust our habits and create ourselves with applied thought. This is why Mind Power is such a valuable practice to master.

Each day propels us into unknown and new territory, giving us an opportunity to practice our techniques. Master the daily practice of Mind Power and you will be successful. This practice will become habit and drive us to make good choices. We choose to practice Mind Power daily because it works so well. It is this daily choice of practicing that allows us to be creative and act in appropriate ways. We know that our daily programming creates our thoughts, attitudes, and actions. We know this not as fact, but as living proof in our lives: Our daily thoughts create our programming and our programming creates our reality. If we can learn to take it one day at a time and master the act of practice we create and control our destiny. The future unfolds from this daily choice of action