My wife Sylvia loves not only the concept of quantum leaps, but the practice of it. She sees no reason to waste time when you know what it is you want. She dives in fearlessly to accomplish goals. She’s the type of person who will work all night to finish a project, once she’s started it, rather than space it out over two or three days. It’s her style and it works for her. I marvel at her ability to get things done. I always rest assured when she is championing or leading a project. I know it will get done and done well. Not only that, but it will be done faster than anyone expected.

While I was on a three-year sabbatical she morphed herself into a filmmaker. Why? Because she could and she was fascinated with the medium. Like me, she follows her passion. Unlike me, she does things fast and effectively. Once she starts something, she doesn’t rest until it is completed. I, on the other hand, will pace myself, stop; reflect, and pursue my projects at a more orderly pace. Which method is more effective? Both work well. There are many methods and approaches to achieving goals. Never make the mistake of thinking there is only one way to achieve an objective. Quantum thinking encourages you to always challenge yourself, your beliefs, your models, to discover your true possibilities.