This month marks the 30th anniversary of my teaching Mind Power. It was thirty years ago, April 1978, that I stood in front of an audience of about a hundred people at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, Canada, and made my first public presentation of Mind Power. I had no previous public speaking experience and didn’t know how it would be received, but I knew I had an important message to deliver. I remember clearly my nervousness and discomfort, but I made it through the evening. Fortunately my discomfort at being in front of an audience passed quickly, and these days I am as comfortable in front of a thousand people as I am in my living room with a few friends. The astounding discovery that I wanted passionately to share was: “Our Thoughts Create our Reality.”

Mind Power LogoIts funny to think about how revolutionary that concept was back in 1978. Now of course, thanks to the mass media, Oprah, The Secret, and numerous books on the subject, many people know that our thoughts do indeed have an effect in our life. However, even though many people understand the concept, there are still very few that have a working system which allows them to harness this power. That is why the Mind Power training system is so important and relevant, and why I never tire of spreading the word. But back in 1978, no one even knew of the concept, so there I was, an early pioneer sharing this revolutionary information.

I spent three years in the woods, prior to teaching, developing this system. Everyone (friends, associates and family) thought I was crazy to waste my time in a pursuit that showed no hope or promise of success. But I was passionate about what I was doing. Now I want to share my first of three pieces of advice that I will give in this article: Always follow your passion. Let it lead you. It will always lead you to a successful and interesting life.

In that first eighteen months of teaching, I taught numerous courses in both Victoria and Vancouver. I watched people cure themselves of illnesses, attract relationships, achieve goals and gain tremendous financial success. The system worked. It wasn’t just motivation or positive thinking; I had tapped into something incredibly powerful and had put together a system that people could understand, follow and gain results with. You can imagine how that made me feel.

In 1980, I did my first Canadian tour, traveling coast to coast, speaking in ten different cities. At that point I was attracting large audiences of around a thousand people per talk. The buzz was incredible both from media and the general public. I was getting a lot of attention. But not only was I helping to change lives, I was making more money than I ever dreamed of. It was pouring in faster than I knew what to do with it. I insisted on being successful and practicing what I preached. I was also very generous, and many individuals and charities saw the benefit of this success, both then and today. That is the beauty and wonder of success; it has the potential of helping so many people.

Now my second piece of advice: Be successful in whatever you do. I have a saying, “Your success helps many people. Your failure helps no one.” You can’t argue with that statement. We are called to be successful and fulfill our unique destinies. I love success. I love everything about it. It is our duty and responsibility to be successful and fulfill our potential. It is through our success that our gifts are shared. Now in case someone thinks I am speaking only of financial success, I am not. One needs to be successful in relationships, with family, in spirituality, in finding our calling and becoming one hundred percent authentic. Each