Long-time followers of my teaching, as well as readers of this website, know that our thoughts and emotions are vibrations of energy, and as such have a direct impact on our lives. What we think and how we feel are the two most important parts of who we are. The third is our actions. Incredibly, we have the ability to monitor and direct what we think, act and feel by the thoughts we choose.

When our thoughts and emotions are directed in a positive way, they not only make us feel better, they also attract to us the conditions we are focusing on. This is sometimes referred to as the Law of Attraction. However, the exact same law is in play when we have negative thoughts or feelings about our life’s circumstances or ourselves. We must be diligent in monitoring how we think, so that negative thoughts and emotions do not find a resting place in our consciousness, then make themselves at home. Fear and worry are the two most destructive of the negative emotions, and it is these I will speak of this month.

17167398 - cute dogFear is the intense focusing of your thoughts on something you do not want to happen. By focusing on this ‘yet to happen’ event with strong emotion and intensity, you give power to these images and help to attract them. These images, charged with emotion, are powerful forces, and so imprint on the invisible matrix web of the universe, which then works to create the exact thing we fear. This is precisely what we don’t want to happen.

This is the tragedy of fear and worry, and yet often we feel we have no power over these thoughts. Here is where Mind Power comes to our assistance. Mind Power not only gives us the tools to create and manifest any situation we desire; it also gives us the tools to eliminate fear and worry with equal effectiveness. Mind Power is simply the most powerful set of tools we will ever have in our lives.

Eliminating Fear and Worry:
Rule number one: If you know what it is that you don’t want to happen to you, then don’t think those fearful thoughts. If you can remember this rule and say it to yourself as a mantra, so that it imprints into your subconscious, you will be halfway towards eliminating fear and worry from your life forever. The other half will come from following these ten techniques:

1. Next time you find yourself fearful, take a few good long breaths, relax and realize that the only thing making you fearful this very moment is the thoughts you are thinking. It is not your present circumstances, nor something that may or may not happen to you in the future; it is the thoughts you are thinking now. You are the cause of your fear. Resolve to change this.

One of the ways you can do this is by spending several minutes focusing on the exact opposite of what you have been fearing. Whatever the fear has you focusing on, change the focus to the exact opposite. You don’t need to fight fear. Observe it carefully to see what it is suggesting to you, then simply focus on the opposite. For example, if you are fearing losing your job, focus on being competent, doing a good job and being respected and rewarded accordingly. If you are fearing losing your mon