A New World Is But a New Mind

How do you perceive the world around you? Is it friendly? Hostile? Filled with adventure and pleasant experiences, or is it restrictive and riddled with disappointments. Are there lots of opportunities to get ahead financially and make a lot of money, or have most of the good ideas come and gone? Is life enjoyable, pleasant, boring, exciting, hard?

In attempting to answer the above questions, you might ask yourself the following: What does my experience tell me? Each of us will answer this question in a slightly different way, and sometimes we will contradict each other with our answers. Yet, amazingly enough, each of us will be right. Whatever you answer is right and true… for you.

14481000 - the universe in mans head revealedLife does not consist of any absolute truths as we understand them. Life is much more fluid and dynamic than that. It is as diverse and varied as the people who experience it, and what you experience without has its root cause within. You are a law unto yourself, and what you believe within will be both the lens through which you view the world, and the attracting force by which countless experiences will be drawn to you.

You have more power to create and influence your life than you ever suspected. In fact, you are creating your life this very moment by your inner beliefs and the thoughts you are choosing to entertain. Your thoughts and beliefs are not merely inner perceptions and attitudes, but are actual physical vibrations of energy as real as the floor below you and the clothes you wear. They are the main creative forces in formulating the life you now are experiencing, and in determining what will happen in your future. Simply stated, your thoughts and beliefs are the single most important factor in your life, and one over which you have total control. Yet most of us pay them minimal if any attention.

How We See the World

Each of us naturally assumes that we see the events and circumstances of our life as they actually are, that we are objective. But this is not the case. We see the world and ourselves in it, not as it is, but as we are, as we are conditioned to see it. We see it through the lens of who and what we are. To know this is to know something great, for no one gets to view the world without a lens (a perspective coloured by beliefs, expectations and past experiences). Our mind processes all experience through this filter, and often that experience gets misinterpreted in the process. Discovering and seeing what is really going on in our life is actually far trickier than you might suppose. In fact it is almost impossible, for one never gets to view the world without a lens (perspective). The best we can do is exchange different lenses (viewpoints, beliefs), and decide which is more accurate, or at least which one feels right, much the same way as going for an eye exam to discover the right lens to counteract an eye deficiency.

In fact this analogy is quite apt in helping us to understand our present situation.

If you find your seeing is hampered, with objects and people seemingly out of focus and fuzzy – you don’t say life is out of focus – you don’t blame out there. You see what you can do to correct your vision. You try a number of different lenses – some make your vision seem better, some make it seem worse,