The Power of Vibration

One of the first people in our time to render vibration into visible forms was the eighteenth-century German physicist Ernst Chladni, who began by scattering sand on steel disks and observing the changing patterns produced by playing various notes on a violin. These “Chladni figures” which have so inspired artists and symbolists, result from the fact that the disk resonates to the violin only in certain places, shifting the sand to those areas which are inert. Chladni’s work inspired the late Hans Jenny of Zurich to spend ten years duplicating and expanding his experiments with sophisticated equipment, and he named the pursuit cymatics, the study of the interrelationship of waveforms with matter. […]

Loving Kindness…

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. – The Dalai Lama I’ve been visiting my grandfather at the senior citizens home for some time now. He moved in here when he broke his hip and couldn’t look after himself at home anymore. I go about once a week, and at first I did it as the dutiful grandson, thinking of it as an obligation, but gradually, over the years, I’ve come to enjoy these visits. […]

Wakefulness – The 10th Virtue

Wakefulness is more than just not being asleep. It is an aliveness and alertness about yourself and the people and circumstances around you that sees and feels it all. It is a heightened awareness that comes with practice. One makes a commitment to be awake to life and not spend all our time in ‘thinking mind.’ When we are awake in this way we can be attentive to our needs and the needs of others, and we know instantly when we are out of balance. […]


Before I discuss what faith is, it might be easier to begin by briefly discussing what it is not. Faith does not involve religious dogma, although some refer to their religion as “their faith.” Nor is it a blind acceptance of a set of rules and beliefs. Faith is something far beyond beliefs. Faith is a vibration of energy, and is probably the most powerful and yet most misunderstood energy that we have available to us as human beings. Faith comes from contemplation, experience and a willingness—no, more than a willingness—a personal quest to probe and understand the deeper workings of life and our relationship with it. Faith and personal growth go hand in hand, and if you are honest, sincere and diligent in following the path of personal discovery, you will encounter the power and possibility of faith. […]

The Path of the Ten Virtues – Part III

Continued from The Path of the Ten Virtues – Part II As we continue on the path of the ten virtues, I feel inclined to once again remind the reader that these are not spiritual or moral codes, but rather paths of energy that one explores by living and practicing them. They are of no value whatsoever as mere intellectual concepts. Their value can only be experienced by the individual who has the courage, curiosity and tenacity to live and practice them for a period of time—I suggest one month. If they have no value to you after practicing them for a month, then drop them and adopt practices that do have value for you. However, if you do find that they have immense value, as I have found they do, then incorporate them into your daily life as practices worthy of your time. […]

The Path of the Ten Virtues – Part II

Continued from – The Path of the Ten Virtues – Part I Last month I wrote about the path of the ten virtues being a path of energy. This is important to realize. If we think of these virtues as spiritual obligations, or as something one does to become a good person, then there is a resistance to them. Perhaps resistance is not the right word, but there is a reluctance or heaviness about doing them because it is just another set of obligations we are expected to meet in our already busy and overburdened life. Yet when we think of them as paths of energy, they become much more interesting. They cease being obligations and instead become a means by which we are nourished and uplifted. This is the point I’m trying to convey. You are the benefactor of traveling these paths of energy. […]