Last month I wrote that we live in a Universe of vibration and that we ourselves are Beings made of vibration/sound. We affect each other, our environment and ourselves through our personal resonance. Entrainment is the term used to describe the process by which one vibrating source locks on to another source and brings it into step with itself. So, if something is vibrating at an unnatural frequency, we can bring it back into balance using entrainment.

37914488 - old retro radio on table blue backgroundSound is a carrier wave for consciousness. We can project energy into sound by using our intention. Students of Mind Power know that thoughts are real forces. We can project these thought forces into sound waves and allow them to interact with any aspect of ourselves (body, mind, soul), or with another person, or even the environment at large. Think of your mind as the conductor of an orchestra made up of the different parts of you. Think of these parts — the organs and cells in your body, your emotions and thoughts, your soul — as instruments in the orchestra, each vibrating the essence of who you are as a unique individual. When everything is playing together in harmony you get beautiful music; you experience sound health and a feeling of well-being. But when something goes out of tune it affects the entire orchestra. As the conductor, it’s your challenge to keep things together. There are many tools that you can use; Mind Power is one such tool. Sound Therapy is another.

Just as negative thinking affects us negatively, there are some sounds that have an adverse effect on our general health and well-being. Just as in Mind Power where we weed out negatives, so too in sound work we balance our personal vibration and our sonic environment. Noise pollution is prevalent in most cities and towns. Cars, trucks, buses, hooting horns, the cacophony of voices in a busy shopping centre, even the sound of your fridge or your air conditioner, all have an effect on you. Through the process of entrainment these sounds can bring you out of balance and make you tense up without you being aware of it. With awareness however, you can reverse this process and use sound daily to charge you with energy.

Here are some practical steps to working with sound in your life:

Step 1: Be aware of sound and know how different sounds affect you. Ask yourself: “How does this sound make me feel?” Energized? Relaxed? Tired? Irritated? Angry? Motivated? Depressed?

Step 2: Take appropriate action. Eliminate sounds from your daily environment that have a negative effect on you. If that’s not possible, then balance them out with nourishing sounds. With our diet we need the nutritional balance that fruits and vegetables bring; we can’t always eat junk food or we will become ill. Similarly, since we are sound beings, we need to expose ourselves to nourishing sounds and balance our sonic diet.

Step 3: Take a regular “Sound Bath”. A great way to wake up in the morning and to go to sleep at night is to bathe yourself in some beautiful sounds. Nature sounds are the most effective. The sound of rain, ocean waves, wind blowing through the le