Sound Foundations

I’ve asked Steve Tsakiris, a brilliant and innovative sound therapist, to share some of his wisdom with our web viewers on this fascinating field. The following is what he has given us:

Quantum Physics tells us that everything is a vibration of energy. Even solid objects like walls and mountains and our physical bodies, are vibrations of energy at different frequencies. Solid matter is actually quite empty when viewed from a quantum level. Our thoughts are also vibrations of energy. And now there is compelling evidence that these vibrations are made of sound.

50638183 - group of people playing on drums - therapy by musicOur religions also seem to agree: The ancient Vedic scriptures say, “Nada Brahma” – the world is Sound. In the Hindu tradition as well as in the creation stories of many cultures, including the Aztecs, the Persians, the Inuit and the Malayans, it was believed that the Universe was created by sound. The Bible says, “In the beginning was the word…”, and what is a word but a sound? Interestingly, even scientists refer to the creation of the Universe as a sound. They call it “The Big Bang.”

Taking this a step further, anything that vibrates creates a sound. This may be audible or inaudible. Blow a dog whistle and your dog reacts. You hear nothing but he does. Whales and dolphins can hear frequencies far outside of our spectrum of hearing. An important starting point in understanding the principles of Sound Therapy is to recognize that: Sound exists beyond that which we can hear. Sound is in fact quite a magical and mysterious entity. Think of it as the substance that makes up everything that exists in the universe — visible and invisible. We live within a giant vibrating orchestra, and we are musicians and conductors in the orchestra.

If you scatter iron filings onto a glass pane and drag a violin bow across the edge, patterns will emerge on the surface. These are a result of the vibration (sound) caused by the bow. Experiments, carried out in the 1950s by Dr. Hans Jenny using a machine called a Tonoscope, showed that there is a direct relationship between sound and physical form. In fact, sound creates form. This may seem arbitrary, but let me emphasize it because it is far more profound than it seems: Sound Creates Form.

In his experiments, Dr. Jenny was able to show that frequencies of sound created life-like shapes out of inert materials (liquids, pastes, soil particles). Some of these resembled galaxies. Others resembled storm systems as seen from modern day satellites. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. A moving snake appeared by resonating a drop of water on some Vaseline. Mountain ranges took shape out of pastes. The higher the frequency the more complex the shapes. Cells in the process of division and living creatures materialized out of ‘dead’ matter. As long as the sound was