The entire universe and everything contained within it exists in a vast sea of energy.

We call this sea of energy ‘the energy web’ and in it we live and move and have our being.

This is a scientific fact and something we should always remember for it is the foundation of our reality and when we know this, we can do all things.

When we forget this, as we often do, we find ourselves struggling and striving, often unsuccessfully, to achieve our goals. Without knowing or understanding we are one with the energy web we will be lost in a maze of conflicting ideas. Stop immediately and get your fundamentals right.

Have you forgotten that you and the energy web are connected? If so it is time to realign yourself by thinking daily about this astounding. Contemplate it, affirm it, and imprint it into your subconscious.

If you desire success, financial gain, healing or anything that is important to you, you must re-establish your connection with the energy web. This is your most important relationship in your life. It’s simple; there are only two things to remember. First, we are one with the energy web and secondly, consciousness directs energy.

That’s it!

This blog’s takeaway: We are all connected to the energy web.