Each day needs our attention, love and awareness to fully reveal itself. Each day needs to be noticed and appreciated for what it is, not what we think it could or should be. Each day is a part of our unique journey and for this reason must be acknowledged.

Don’t worry about trying to make a successful career, exciting relationship or meaningful life; these objectives look after themselves when we practice looking after each day. Today is where we find ourselves and the portal through which our future will happen; how we live today matters. When we forget this and get distracted we loose ourselves, often in pettiness.

Take a moment, (how about right now?) and letting go of any concerns and worries about the future, simply appreciate something about today. A conversation, a meal, the sun shinning, something you’ve read, maybe even this blog and give thanks for it. Appreciating the moments serves us well. The more we can acknowledge and appreciate the simple everyday pleasures of our life without needing anything to be different, the more these pleasurable moments will reveal themselves to us.

Life is our journey, our mystery play. This very day, we now find ourselves within, is a unique part of this journey and must be appreciated to get the full benefit from it. Today will never happen again and if we don’t appreciate it, we loose a part of ourselves.

This blog’s takeaway:  Acknowledge, love and appreciate each day!