• Dare to have great thoughts.
  • Dare to believe that you have the capabilities to be tremendously successful at whatever you choose for yourself.
  • Dare to think that your thoughts and actions will make a difference, not only in your own personal life but in the lives of others as well.
  • Dare to dream big.

Everything begins as a thought. Every great goal achieved was originally conceived as a thought. We often forget that it is our thoughts that orchestrate and propel us though our life. Without them nothing would happen.

Each of us is responsible for the thoughts we think. We can have great thoughts or limited thoughts. We can have large goals, small goals or no goals at all. We can believe in our selves and others or we can doubt our selves and others. These are all possibilities that exist for us and each of us decides how we will think and act.

The wisdom of the saying “Fortune favors the bold” is self-evident, how could it not? So the question now becomes; when are we going to begin thinking and acting boldly in our life? How each of us answers this question will determine not only what is going to happen to us but how quickly as well; something we should think about.

This blog’s takeaway:  Dare to have great thoughts!