Recently I had an intimate conversation with a close friend of mine who was troubled. He was asking my advice about what he should be doing with his life.

“What is my destiny? How do I know that what I’m doing with my life is what I should be doing?” he asked earnestly. Finally he admitted, “I’m confused.”

He’s not alone. At different phases of our life we all find ourselves having similar questions. It is only natural to want clarity and understanding about our life.

My answer surprised him, as it may you. Forget trying to figure out what you should be doing with your life. No one can ever know these things for sure. Often when we think we know and we’re really sure we find out later that we were wrong. Instead ground yourself in the mystery and opportunity of today. Make each day your teacher and let it lead you where it wants to go. Destiny can never be figured out it can only be revealed by trusting and following what feels right.

Here is a secret: none of us ever knows for sure if we are on the right path. We must learn to trust our feelings. When we trust our feelings and let them assist us and guide us we are on much better footing than trying to figure it out with only our mind. Following what feels right is much safer and wiser than doing what you think you should be. The mind can deceive and has it’s own preferences. Be cautious if this is your only way of knowing.

Our mind alone can never lead us to our destiny but our feelings will. Our body’s mystic title is “Navigator to our destiny” and our body communicates with us through our feelings. This should point the way.

Give up needing to know and follow what feels right. This is as sure a path to our destiny as anything available to us. And oh yea… don’t forget to enjoy the scenery and have fun along the way.

This blog’s takeaway:  Trust your gut!