Apparently a red-flanked bluetail from Asia was spotted last week in Vancouver, and it seems it is a big deal. Now I’m not a birder, so I don’t really get excited about these things, but I was intrigued when the speculation about how it got here was raging. One theory is that it was caught up in a major storm front and blown thousands of miles from its habitat.
35811922 - railway tracksHmmm… just like all our lives, I thought. Suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, an event takes hold of us and we are dealing with a major illness, a death, financial problems, loss of a job, a divorce, the unexpected messiness that comes with having a life.

What to do? First don’t panic; it’s all part of the journey. Second, accept where you find yourself. Imagine that Asian red-flanked bluetail finding itself thousands of miles out of its habitat. It might not like it, but here it is. One thing for sure, it won’t be going back. We don’t get to go back either. Where we find ourselves is where we are, so we accept this. But unlike the red-flanked bluetail, we do have the ability–through our thoughts and actions–to chart ourselves toward new opportunities.
Where we presently find ourselves is where we are. If we have been blown off course by unexpected circumstances… well, here we are. But where we are going in life will most certainly be determined by how we think and act from this point on. Here we have absolute control. How reassuring.

This blog’s takeaway:  Learn to accept where you are… and move forward!