Becoming Aware of How Life Force Leaks Away From Us Unnecessarily

Today my wife and I planted a cinnamon tree in our garden. We purchased it at a nursery and it is approximately ten feet (3½ meters) tall! The roots were bundled tight in a burlap sack to restrict their growth while it was awaiting someone to come and claim it. Digging the hole, cutting the burlap sack and planting the tree into the earth, allowing the roots to expand without restrictions, all this felt nourishing. Its rich potential can now be fully realized. I look forward to watching it grow.

As I was pondering what to write for this month’s topic, I realized a similarity between ourselves and the cinnamon tree. We too have our roots bundled and confined, but not with burlap, with limited consciousness. What can we do to release our full potential, for we are plugged into the matrix of all existence, and so much is available to us? One very effective method that is incredibly overlooked is to increase the life force we have available to us.