I already know that the best place to live in is the present! Each day… practicing living in the now, feeling it, being present, not being anxious or worried about my past or future but enjoying the now!

We all know this but can we practice it? What would our life be like if we practiced living and enjoying the moments of each day, living in the now of our experiences and appreciating them for what they are? How would this change our life? A lot, I imagine.

In 2001, I wrote a book called The Practice of Happiness; not the pursuit of happiness but the practice of happiness. The secret revealed within is that we can practice whatever we wish. We can practice happiness, practice compassion, practice discipline and we can also practice ‘living in the now.

Let’s stop the chattering, judging, critical mind, that needs and wants more, and simply appreciate what’s in front of us; a sight, a sound, an experience, ourselves, the moment we are in. These simple acts will enrich our lives and dramatically change us as we practice them.

This blog’s takeaway:  Appreciate the moment you are in!