We are made up of two minds not just one. One mind, it seems, is not enough for what nature and the universe have planned for us. How these two minds work together is best explained by examining the mythic titles each possesses. In my book ‘Quantum Warrior The Future of the Mind’ I have given each of our four parts mythic titles in order to best describe how they function within us. These are not psychological terms that you will find in any textbook but rather titles that accurately describe the functions and abilities that each possess.

One of the titles of the conscious mind is ‘Weaver of the Patterns’. The patterns that the mind weaves are patterns of thought, which we now know are patterns of energy. So when you are thinking thoughts, what you are really doing is weaving energy.

Now why do I call the mind the ‘Weaver of the Patterns’? Because it helps us understand how the system works. Just as a weaver must weave countless threads on the loom before a coherent pattern is established so too the mind must think/weave numerous thoughts before it will form a pattern. Thinking something once or twice or even ten or twenty times will not make a pattern of energy. But think something hundreds of times over a period of weeks and months and a very clear pattern begins to form.

This is why we train daily with mind power techniques, to imprint/ weave the patterns of thoughts that we wish to communicate to the subconscious.

Our conscious and subconscious minds work together to create our reality. While the conscious mind is ‘The Weaver of the Patterns’, the subconscious is the ‘Holder of the Patterns.’  Whatever pattern of thoughts our conscious mind regularly repeats, whether it is positive or negative, will eventually make a permanent imprint on our subconscious if we repeat it daily.

One of the main ways we reach the subconscious is through clear images and instructions that are repeated many times so that the patterns can be accurately transmitted to our subconscious. Repetition is the key and eventually, through repetition, the subconscious will integrate and accept these patterns. When this happens they become a permanent part of who we are. This is why we call the subconscious ‘The Holder of the Patterns.’

This blog’s takeaway: The key to reaching the subconscious is repetition, and this gives us incredible power to create in our life.