It is a revolutionary idea and one that dramatically changes our life when we embrace it. Imagine believing that our success actually helps many people. When we believe this, it totally changes the way we think about success. Suddenly our success becomes a way by which we can help people, and we should believe this because when you closely scrutinize this concept it becomes obvious that this is true.

But don’t just blindly accept this idea from me, think about it yourself and make your own decision. Does your success help other people? Think about whom else might benefit if you became tremendously successful?

It would obviously help you, your family, and those working directly with you, but there are many more individuals than these who would benefit. Success always creates waves of opportunities in its wake, so there would undoubtedly be a spillover effect for numerous people, many more than we might originally suspect. And these individuals would create even more benefits in their personal circles. This is one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated benefits of success; it flows freely and copiously in many different ways once it is in motion. Success is a very positive force for good and should always be acknowledged in this way.

Now let’s think about failure; does anyone really benefit from our failure? Maybe we might learn some personal life lessons during the process but what good does it create for others? Probably none. So from this perspective, we realize, it is our moral and social responsibility to be as successful as we can. Now we can desire success not just for the obvious benefits it will bring to ourselves but for the good it will create for others. It is never selfish to succeed; it is a generous, creative act, which benefits many. This is why our success is so important.

Now take this radical new insight about success and imprint it into your subconscious so that it can take root within and inspire you daily. When our desire for success becomes an act of service, a creative way of helping others, we are inspired to be our best. This will spur us on to great things and nothing will stand in our way.

This blog’s takeaway:  It is our moral and social responsibility to be as successful as we can!