During one of our many processes, one of my students came up with a brilliant quotation and I felt I had to pass it on to you.

“Practice makes permanent.”

When she shared it I loved it immediately. Usually we say “practice makes perfect” but that’s not exactly right. Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes us better at what we are practicing. The expression “practice makes permanent” is more accurate and has two important connotations, which are both valuable to us.

Firstly, practicing something regularly will make it a permanent habit, which can benefit us. Secondly, practicing something regularly permanently changes the neurological circuits in our brain as well. It’s like we’re getting twice the value for the same effort. That’s why practice is so important and why I say “Mind Power is a practice not a philosophy.”

Practice mind power daily and it will become a permanent part of our life that can assist us in having a great life. Mind power is a great tool to help you achieve any goal.

This blog’s takeaway: Practice makes permanent.