My wife Sylvia has taken to sprouting seeds of her favourite greens—kale, arugula and romaine— which she wants for our garden. She planted about four seeds in each little container in the flat. I’ve been watching her and the love and attention she is giving these tiny seedlings.

She waters them daily so the soil stays moist, and keeps them in the sun during the day, bringing them back into the house at night so they will stay warm. They are given tender, loving care and lots of attention; this way a higher percentage will successfully germinate.

Watching the diligence and care Sylvia is giving these little seedlings reminds me of how we train the mind to accept new beliefs. Her attention and daily ritual to her seedlings bears a similarity to the attention we need to give any new belief we wish to create in our life. Any new concept or belief that has yet to ‘put down roots’ in our life needs similar attention. You can’t just repeat something to yourself a half dozen times for a few days and expect to magically believe it or have it work for you. For beliefs to become imprinted we must give them the water of attention and the sunshine of daily repetition. With attention and daily repetition you can firmly imprint whatever belief you choose, and have it acting for you in very positive ways in your life. It takes effort but is worth the time we take to do it properly.

Sylvia’s effort is producing strong seedlings, which when planted in our garden will turn into our summer harvest. What harvest are we preparing for? What seeds are we sowing in our life, and most importantly are we giving them the attention necessary to ensure they grow strong within us? Something we should think about.

This blog’s takeaway:  For beliefs to become imprinted we must give them the attention they need!