Like with any good marriage or partnership there needs to be clear and regular communication between partners so each knows what is expected of them. This way when there are problems, any issues can be worked out before they become serious and cause major problems. Also in marriages each partner takes on certain roles and responsibilities. They may change as the marriage matures but each person takes responsibility for some aspect of their partnership.

Our subconscious is a partner in success and needs clear communication from our conscious mind what is expected of it. Through repetition of messages the conscious mind creates clear instructions to the subconscious.

The subconscious has no will of its own and will act upon whatever images are presented to it whether these are positive or negative.

The conscious mind is the ‘Guardian to the Gates of the Subconscious’ and should be vigilant to make sure only the highest quality thoughts and images reach this part of our selves. This is how a good marriage works with each one playing their role.

This blog’s take away: The conscious and subconscious minds work together as a team.