Have you ever found yourself asking, “What is the meaning of life?” If so you are not alone. But this is not the right question we should be asking if we are looking for answers about our life. We are supposing that there is some general answer for all and that once understood gives us clarity about life. But each life is different, complex and each of us has a different fate and destiny so there can be no single answer that fits all. The question we should be asking ourselves is, “What is the meaning of my life?” In wording our question this way we are acknowledging something important, something very obvious but unfortunately often overlooked: our uniqueness. Our uniqueness is the key to understanding fate and destiny, which each of us carries with us in the ever-unfolding tapestry of our life.

Fate and Destiny are not the same: Do you know the difference?

Fate involves aspects of life that are not freely chosen. We do not choose our parents, our genes, the country in which we were born or the culture and times in which we are living. But fate is more than this for it has also gifted or burdened (depending on your perspective) us with inner qualities and tendencies that are as much a part of us as our facial features and the body we possess. We are all impacted with fate and each of us in a different way. Too often fate is denied or ignored, which is unfortunate, for neither of these strategies works and it is only through acceptance of our fate and working with it that our destiny can be revealed. It is in acknowledging our fate and the gifts and lessons it brings that allows us to understand ourselves, fulfill our destiny and live extraordinary lives.

Destiny is hidden in the constantly unfolding possibilities brought forth by our fate and the choices we make in life including the thoughts we think and beliefs we hold. Our choices awaken our destiny and if we choose well, following our passion and inner curiosity, trusting what feels right and acting fearlessly, destiny unfolds, often in the most unimaginable ways. There is magic in life, much more than is commonly understood and fate and destiny work with us and for us when we trust them. We need not ever be concerned or worried about what will happen to us, even if our present circumstances appear dire for this too is our fate and destiny, no need to fight it, but rather we trust ourselves, make good choices, act upon what feels right allowing life to unfold.
Destiny works with us to bring us the circumstances and opportunities that are most in harmony with who we are. Who we are consists of the fate we carry, the thoughts we think, the beliefs that are consciously or unconsciously at work within us and, of course, the choices we make. While we cannot change our fate we can change our thoughts, beliefs and the way we make our choices and as we do so our destinies too will change. There is no one single destiny, love, passion or true path for each person; life is much more generous and plentiful than to allow this to happen and that is good to know.

Take all the pressure off yourself and live your life one day at a time letting fate and destiny work together. Trust the process; trust yourself.

This blog’s takeaway:  When our fate and destiny are aligned we are sure to live our fullest life.